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Life @ ISBF

Life @ ISBF


We’re your core council, your students’ union of the Indian school of business and finance. We’re a democratically led union, run by students, for students. As a student of ISBF, you are automatically a part of our family and it is our job to:

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Entertain You

By running a programme of events and activities

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Guide You

Make friends and learn new skills through our student societies

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Represent you

Raise your voice and help you drive change through our system

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Support you

We offer support on well-being, academia and more

Core Council Team

Core Council Team


Rushikesh Reddy



Manas Khandelwal

Vice president


Shaunak Ghatekari



Charvi Jain



Ansh Gupta

Vice president

Student Activities

Student Societies

Core Council

The Core Council is the epicentre of student activities at ISBF! Not only does it organise the mega annual inter-college cultural festival – Xenia, but it also puts together the much-loved annual college trip and various other marquee events. As it includes among its ranks an elected member, the Core Council represents the students of ISBF and is responsible for their welfare. In fulfilling this responsibility, it acts as a bridge between the management and the student body, which is a lesson in sleight-of-hand diplomacy as well as policy making and implementation.


Whether it is to tickle your brain cells or teach you diplomacy, Akademos leads the way. We do this through a host of activities, from interesting guest talks to quizzes, debates and weekly discussions. There is more than one way to think about almost everything, and our activities aim to expose participants to these myriad perspectives so that they may form their own informed opinion on important matters. After all, isn’t that what one would expect from a University of London graduate?

Artefactory, The Design Society

Earth without art is just eh!

At Artefactory, we strive to embellish not just our physical surroundings (aka, our college) but also hearts! We add colour to the college experience and we adore to adorn! Creativity and imagination flow unbounded at Artefactory and if you are the king/queen of design, you get to sit on our Iron Throne!

Blaize (Dance Society)

Got any new moves? Well, we always do! Blaize is the dance society of ISBF. Any song, any beat, we know how to groove along. We believe that each participant/member brings a unique style – from trained classical dancers to those who are there just for Hip Hop and Street style. No newbie feels left out at Blaize, and our frequent practice sessions soon make us a family. So whether it is to sweat it out at workouts or be part of an energetic dance set, this society is just what you need to channelise your extra-curricular energies.

The Career Placement Cell (CPC)

Career Placement Cell (CPC) at ISBF works closely with the Careers Team (CT) to conduct guest lectures, careers train ing workshops, industry visits and other sessions for the skill development of ISBF students. CPC also works in tandem with CT to facil itate placements and internships. The best part? If you join CPC, you get to interact with ISBF’s awesome alumni, leading industry speakers and develop tremendous networking and persuasion skills along the way! You can follow us on Instagram @isbf_cpc.

Events Society

This society brings fun to college! From Halloween to Diwali, we ensure that festivals are celebrated with aplomb. In fact, all we need is a reason to host an exciting student event, and then we’re unstoppable. Our events vary in form, format, theme, genre and, of course, memories, but what unifies them is our aim to engage every participating student. So if you’re looking to enjoy campus life, we’re one society you can’t miss!

ISBF Media Hub

Get your creative juices flowing and be ready to open the closed doors of your hearts! With the ISBF Media Hub in action, there are newsletters, online meme competitions, and vulnerable poetry meets. In the safe space that they create, you could be anything that you want to! This society is perfect for anyone who loves to express their emotions in the form of words or sheer pictures.

Speakers’ Forum

The ISBF MUN & Debating Cell is now the Speakers’ Forum. The Speakers’ Forum is the one stop shop for enhancing some of the most important skills in your arsenal – communication and interpersonal skills. It structures its events in such a way that it provides a platform for its members to share their thoughts on various agendas that concerns the real world. Here we can voice out our opinions and enhance communication skills.The ultimate goal of this society is to build confidence among its peers and provide a platform for speech. Our objective is to holistically develop your personality and prepare you for the world that you will experience at ISBF and beyond. We seek to guide and assist our members into becoming versatile and confident individuals.
As this is the Inauguratory year of this society, we will be introducing ISBF’s new flagship event, The Social Conclave. The Social Conclave involves and teaches researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. We look forward to welcoming all of you into our ISBF family and we can’t wait to begin the exciting year where we have planned various mainstream events such as debates, open discussions, mock court scenarios and many more. For more updates, follow us on instagram @isbf_speakersforum

Sports Society

From hosting tournaments within the college to participating in matches and tournaments in other colleges, the ISBF Sports Society is definitely a force to reckon with! With access to state-of-the-art sports facilities at the nearby Siri Fort Sports Complex, the members of this society are always ready to take on athletic challenges, be they indoors or outdoors.

The Entrepreneurship Cell

The Entrepreneurship Cell, or the E-cell, aims to develop and support the spirit of ‘starting up’ among students. There are a host of events like awareness drives, talks by established entrepreneurs, mentoring sessions, conferences, and many more, to help students break out of their comfort zone and pursue their brilliant ideas! You might already have an idea, or could be looking for ways to expand an existing business; either way, your entrepreneurship journey is ready to take off with the E-cell![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”italic”] You can follow us on Instagram @ecellisbf.

The Rest Is Noise (T.R.I.N.) (Music Society)

From drums to the flute, the guitar to the piano, and classical to rock, TRIN does all things musical. Even if you do not know how to sing or play an instrument, you’re welcome to join our jam sessions and hum along. True to the spirit of music, our office-bearers are warm and welcoming, as well as always willing to teach anyone who is keen to learn a new instrument.

GD Council

The Graduate Diploma Council works in collaboration with other societies at ISBF to bring exciting co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to the students pursuing postgraduate programmes at the institution. The team comprising three representatives from different PG programmes works under the mentorship of the Student Relations department to add to the vibrant culture at ISBF. The Graduate Diploma Council contributes and collaborates with the Core Council for the overall welfare of the students and brings a host of other opportunities to augment their growth.

Girl Up, Zia

“Behind every successful woman there is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.” Girl up, Zia is the ISBF chapter of the global Girl up movement founded by the UN Foundation in 2010. We are a team of passionate and ambitious people, committed to make a difference in the world, empowering women and promoting equal rights. We also aim to bring awareness about issues that women face when it comes to health, safety and education. We believe that women build each other up and must have each other’s back, no matter what. Through this initiative, we wish to spread awareness and empower women because after all: Empowered Women, Empower Women. You can follow us on Instagram @girlupzia.

Investment Cell

You can rub money all you want but it just won’t breed! It’s a scarce resource that needs to be managed wisely and that’s what the Investment Cell at ISBF is all about. We believe that there’s only one way to truly experience the winds of the stock market and that’s to free fall into one. We play with stocks, bonds and mutual funds to formulate a strategy that works for us. As groups within the cell, we maintain portfolios and test our assumptions and theories in real-time to discover the tricks of the trade. Come join us if you have a keen interest in stocks, funds and everything related to money!

Zariyaa – Community Service Division

What do we do, you ask? We carry the humanitarian cause of doing good for the world around us on behalf of ISBF. The aim of the Social Work Society is to increase awareness about the importance of being a changemaker and contribute to societal development through collective action. Born out of the need to make a difference, we believe that every bit matters![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”italic”]You can follow us on Instagram @zariyaa_isbf.

Xenia – The Annual Inter-College Cultural Festival

Xe-nia (noun) New Latin, from Greek, hospitality, from xenos host Xenia is ISBF’s annual cultural festival which is a student driven initiative spearheaded by the Student Council. It is a prestigious platform for creative enthusiasts and has grown from being a small scale affair to a significant event in Delhi’s cultural calendar.

Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.