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Graduation in London

Being full students of University of London, all ISBF graduates are invited to attend the UOL convocation in London in February/March every year. This is a unique opportunity and a very prestigious event for students, as it hosts thousands of students from over 150 countries, and is presided over by Princess Anne, Chancellor of University of London. 

This is, of course, the "university" graduation for ISBF students, who have also had the opportunity to attend ISBF's own "college" graduation ceremony, that takes place in Delhi and is attended by LSE and UOL's top brass.


ISBF students attending their University Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony in London is preceded by the LSE Director's Dinner Reception for all Economics, Management, Finance and Social Science graduates. This is typically held the evening before the convocation, and is attended by top LSE academicians and staff members involved in the UOL Programmes.


ISBF students from the LSE Dinner Reception

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