2nd Year Transfers

Over the years, many students have completed 1st year at ISBF and then gone on to transfer to a prestigious foreign university to complete the remainder of their undergraduate study. This unique opportunity is challenging to earn, with most institutions only accepting a few students each year, yet ISBF’s track record suggests that it is perhaps your best bet if you wish to transfer into 2nd year at any top institution overseas.

This is, of course, because the world-class foundation of an LSE 1st year prepares you to cope successfully with 2nd year studies anywhere in the world. As a result, ISBF students have been successfully accepted into 2nd year not just at LSE, but also at other leading institutions in the UK, US, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia.

See the video below, where Tanmay shares his experience about transferring from ISBF to LSE.

2nd Year Transfers to LSE

With 15 transfer offers from LSE in the last 7 years, including some on full scholarship, ISBF boasts one of the strongest track records globally in this respect.

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Without the parity of curriculum and assessment standards with LSE, which ISBF enjoys, these transfers would not be possible. And what will give you a further edge are the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) and Predicted Grades issued by ISBF, one of LSE’s top Teaching Institutions in the world, and advice on the Statement of Purpose from ISBF’s dedicated UCAS Advisor.

Do note, however, that 2nd Year Transfers to LSE are governed by and subject to the policies of individual departments at LSE, which may change from year to year. The infographic below will give you an overview of how the process of 2nd Year Transfers to LSE works.

2nd Year Transfers to Other Institutions

Completing an LSE 1st year has also enabled ISBF students to receive transfer offers from other world-leading institutions in the UK, and also in the US, Canada and Hong Kong (see indicative list of logos below). Many students have accepted these offers and gone on to graduate from these institutions a couple of years down the line.

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