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People's Talk Podcast Event Report

Posted on July 23, 2020 by MUN Cell  | Student Speak



PEOPLE’S TALK by the ISBF MUN Cell, in an initiative which aims to provide a platform to talk about and discuss the current state of affairs around the world with individuals from the ISBF community and from the outside as well.

In our first podcast of the new academic session we started with a discussion which is a major concern around the globe: World War Z - COVID 19, over Instagram Live session. In an uncertain future and unprecedented actions becoming common place, it has been imperative for us to talk, think, discuss and plan our futures with a war time mindset to be able to defeat and grow out of the monstrosity. The talk involved opinions on the issue by the current and graduate students of ISBF and individuals from outside the college like the President of Girl Up Bhumi, Hansraj College, UN certified speaker with a background of investment banking and public policy making, etc.

The views of the individuals involved how the life everyone’s living currently during the quarantine and social distancing period, is what will be the new trends in the coming future as the positive effects of multinational companies and their factories not running has been the average air quality of India being improved by 71 per cent, cleaner rivers like Ganga ghat in Varanasi and a rise in the water flow due to unseasonal rainfall and snowfall in some parts. The view point of several individuals made everyone on the Instagram Live notice a wider spectrum of COVID-19, including the positive effects on the environment and favourable decisions of the government to tackle the pandemic (resulting in India having the least number of case per hectare square) rather than not being able to adjust to the lockdown and the situation.