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General Group Discussion

Posted on February 06, 2022 by Investment Cell  | Student Speak | Event Report

Todays event was a general discussion event where everyone had the opportunity to put forth their thoughts and opinions throughout the event.

We started off by asking our members what their thoughts are on all the events we had for them. They had given their feedback and what all they appreciated the most, such as the crypto session and points where improvements could have been made or added.

Then we went on to discuss about the all new Metaverse. Since this is the hottest topic going on in the digital world right now, everyone had knowledge on what it was. Therefore, it was an insightful and unique discussion where especially Ikshith from year 1 contributed his immense knowledge and research that he had conducted and all his findings.

Then we talked about RBI’s new digital currency. Another hot topic which has been in the news very recently. And discussed its possible effects on crypto market.
Winded up with Q&A’s.

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