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Debate | Bullying vs Constructive Criticism

Posted on August 25, 2020 by ISBF Media Hub  | Student Speak

The discussion held on *Bullying vs. constructive criticism* revolved around four main question that, IMH facilitated to get a understanding of the recent phenomenon of the isbfconfession page.

The first being, what need is the confessions page fulfilling for the admin, as the discussion progressed, the naive answer of “boredom” was debunked. Richer answers emerged as we further scratched the surface.

Secondly, what need or motivation do the followers of this page have, to indulge in content that is facilitating bullying despite warnings. Answers to this were creative and far stretched, some expressed that the Overheard platform is much needed, and that the confessions page is a biproduct, of the lack of a criticism platform. The confessions page got sympathy too, as the content on overheard was often dirty too, making it a case of selective outrage.

Third, despite all efforts of the core council why has the page continued to gain followers? Core council even after employing the meme tactic to spread awareness about healthy humour, was unable to curb the page from gaining followers, what did the core council and we all collectively as an institution fail at?

Fourth, this last question revolved around the potential solutions we had for the problem in hand and how to discourage and prevent the use of such anonymous bullying platforms?

To the last question, the core council wants the student body to be watchful of the content we individually indulge in and also keep a check on our peers. Also, constantly maintain the thin line between bullying and constructive criticism.

Lastly, IMH believes the discussion was successful at driving a much needed discussion and making people empathetic towards one another and each other’s opinions. Awareness has always been at the heart of our events and we sincerely believe to have conversations that change “who we are”.