The ISBF Student Ambassadorship Programme strives to hone the kind of human capital that will make every stakeholder (students, teachers, staff, parents, employers, administrative and academic authorities) feel utmost pride in their association with the institution. Student ambassadors, also known as iAMbassadors, share their first-hand experiences of life as an ISBF student to a variety of different audiences, providing a positive, authentic and unscripted insight into the world of higher education.

Current iAMbassadors (2020-21)

Yuktha Bhadane

A second-year BSc (Hons) Economics student at ISBF, recipient of multiple awards such as the UoL’s Academic Achievement Award and the LSE Summer School Scholarship Award, I am the Vice President of the Student Council 2020-21 and a member of various other ISBF initiatives. I am an Admissions iAMbassador. 

Mihir Raravikar | |

Studying 2nd-year BSc Economics, my journey at ISBF started as an introvert and barely 2 years at ISBF with multiple leadership positions with various student societies here along with intense academic rigour, transformed me into a well-rounded individual. I am a part of ISBF Admissions team as an iAMbassador.

Khwaish Juneja | |

A third-year Business & Management student at ISBF, I am the President of the ISBF MUN, Debating Cell and the Head of Public Relations and Communications at Girl Up Zia. I am an iAMbassadors associated with the ISBF Outreach team. 

Devendra Chandnani | |

An Accounting & Finance student that accepted that finance is a mere byproduct of capitalism. Over the years, I learned that it’s not the shares or profits that we live for, it’s the stories. And thus, I drifted into marketing and movie making to write the stories. I am an iAMbassador with ISBF Communications & Branding team. 

Vedika Gupta | |

A Business & Management student at ISBF I have been an active member of the student council during my first and second year. Being a part of the student societies and simultaneously excelling in my academics at ISBF enhanced my skills and my college experience. I am a part of the ISBF Communications & Branding team as an iAMbassador. 

Colin Chandna | |

A third-year B.Sc. Management & Digital Innovation student at ISBF, I am the IMH Vice President and the Finance Head for the past 2 years My journey here at ISBF hasn’t just been about academics. It has been about growth, balance, maturity, independence and resilience. I am an iAMbassador with the ISBF Communications & Branding team.

Aaryaman Arora | |

My experience studying Graduate Diploma in Management at ISBF has been jam-packed with college events and interactive sessions. Pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Management, I am associated with the ISBF Communications & Branding team as an iAMbassador.  

Anmol Bansal | |

A final year undergraduate student pursuing BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance at ISBF, I have been part of all extracurricular activities at ISBF including XENIA and MUN. I’m a curious reader and a sports enthusiast. I love to work on research-driven interdisciplinary projects. I am an iAMbassador with ISBF Student Relations.

Pranav Kakkar | |

A third-year BSc (Hons.) Economics and Management student at ISBF, I’m an enthusiast who has a long trail of volunteer/work experience alongside college, I’m also the IMH President in my final year, heading the Usual Podcast on Humans of ISBF. am associated with the ISBF Outreach team as an iAMbassador.