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Trip Down Memory Lane

Posted on November 16, 2016   | Events

The children's day event was conducted through the 16th-18th of November and it was a collaborated Event of ISBF Media Hub and Events Team. There were a plethora of events organised for all the the students of ISBF to relive the days of the past and enjoy the small memories of childhood.

The Events that were organised were the Disney Pixar Quiz, Childish Drawing Musical Chairs and Poster Sales for the first day. The Second day had a contest called Guess Who, which was a major blockbuster amongst the students. Also there was another contest of the Best Snapchatter. Both days had amazing participation, much more than expected as everyone was eager to unleash the child in themselves. The last day being a Friday, there was an iPremiere and Zootopia was showcased which also had a good attendance.

Participation was much higher than expected with most students actually doing two to three events consecutively rather than attending one and leaving. The college first years enjoyed themselves in particular with their enthusiasm evident from the organization, execution, and participation of the event.