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Ekal School Visit

Posted on February 14, 2017   | Events

The denizens of developed cities such as Delhi are blissfully unaware of the travails and modus vivendi of village residents  of India. Under this assumption which turned out to be to be true to a certain extent a select group of students were taken for the inaugural Dream India Vision Journey 2017. During the course of this rustic expedition the students were allowed to live,dine and debate with the villagers regarding the issues faced by them and the plausible solutions.

The gamut of activities included Ekal school visits, preparation of Sukta Gadda, manure, keet niyantrak and finally satsangs. The students participated enthusiastically in the physical labour shoulder to shoulder with the villagers which augmented their morale and incentive such environment friendly activities. In schools the students donned the role of supervisors and teachers. As supervisors the volunteers looked into individual student copies and drew inferences regarding the standard of imparted in government schools which was good. The elder volunteers were able to conduct uberous discussions regarding the cleanliness standards maintained in the village to good effect. On the final day a lengthy feedback session was conducted, which will be covered in detail in the report. All in all one and all were satisfied with the outcome of the trailblazing Ekal Dream India visit.