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Volume 3; Issue 2, May 2019

The Inquirer - ISBF
Editorial Board
Prof. Aryapriya Ganguly - Editor-in-Chief
Prof. Soumitra Mookherjee - Associate Editor 
Navni Kothari - Associate Editor 

Letter from the Editor

Samuel West, an American émigré in Sweden, was declared bankrupt in January this year after his former business partners reported him to Sweden's debt enforcement agency for failing to pay their legal fees... 
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Multi-Disciplinary Analysis

Making sense of Jet Airways' turbulence in the skies
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Symposiums Digest

Annual ISBF & LSE Annual Teachers' Symposiums, 2019: The theme for the Symposiums was Empowering Post-Millennials by Future-proofing Learning & Counselling.
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University of London Graduation Ceremony

ISBF Students receive their degrees at the University of London Graduation Ceremony.
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Life at ISBF

Educator Showcase

This section features write-ups about the career achievements of fellow educators, seeking to recognise the invaluable contributions they make. 
Ms. Jayu Ganesh, Head of School, CPS Global School, Chennai
Ms. Upasana KinraBehavioural and Career Guidance Counsellor, DPS International, Delhi
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Career Services Division

Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight on ISBF's Palak Kumar who is working with EY in the Indirect tax team.
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Quiz on 'Failures' 
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Letter from the Editor
Samuel West, an American émigré in Sweden, was declared bankrupt in January this year after his former business partners reported him to Sweden's debt enforcement agency for failing to pay their legal fees of 450,000 kronor ($50,000).

The excruciating irony here is that West, an innovation researcher and organizational psychologist, is the founder of The Museum of Failure - a celebration of the absurd and hilarious wrong turns that companies have taken in their product development-from Colgate’s unappetizing beef lasagna, to Harley Davidson’s leathery-scented perfume, to Bic’s sexist “for Her” lady’s pen. This edition’s quiz takes you on a journey of failures, so brace yourselves for an obviously bumpy ride!

However, word of caution for you, Dear Reader, is that The Museum of Failure represents failures due to egregious brand over-extensions. While in some cases of failure, we may choose to define learning from failure as "the sense that one is acquiring, and can apply, knowledge and skills" (Spreitzer, Sutcliffe, Dutton, Sonenshein, & Grant, 2005) from their experiences of failure, we should also remember that not all failures are rooted in the high uncertainty associated with the pursuit of opportunity. 

To broaden the horizon of failures a tad, a business failure occurs when "a fall in revenues and/or a rise in expenses are of such a magnitude that the firm becomes insolvent and is unable to attract new debt or equity funding; consequently, it cannot continue to operate under the current ownership and management" (Shepherd, 2003, p. 318). Although recent theorizing acknowledges the potential benefits of failure (for the economic system), it explores the negative emotional reaction (i.e., grief) individual entrepreneurs experience when their businesses fail (Shepherd, 2003, 2009; Shepherd, Wiklund, & Haynie, 2009).

True to form, in this edition, we use a multi-disciplinary approach to generate insights from the lens of management strategy, finance and marketing, and contextualize Jet’s turbulence in the skies. 

Speaking of failures, we found a constructive work around them while discussing pedagogical practices that try to empower post-millennials at our recently concluded Annual ISBF & LSE Annual Teachers' Symposiums, held in New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad. A candid sharing and churning of innovative and empowering assessment practices- their up & downsides- generated enthusiasm for assessment transformation among stakeholders- an unprecedented success! Read on to find out how. 

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Multi-Disciplinary Analysis: Making sense of Jet Airways'  turbulence in the skies
Multi-Disciplinary Analysis
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Symposiums Digest

ISBF & LSE Annual Teachers' Symposiums, 2019

The theme for the Symposiums was Empowering Post-Millennials by Future-proofing Learning & Counselling
For those of you who attended the ISBF-LSE Symposiums last year or remember the theme from last year’s newsletter, this year’s theme marked a conscious departure, away from seeing the Post-Millennials as a challenge, to finding ways to empower them for the uncertain future that awaits them. 
The Keynote Address at the symposiums was delivered by Dr. James Abdey, Associate Academic Director, UoL International Programmes at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

The Attendees at the Symposiums

We had around 250 delegates from around 100 of the best schools in the country brainstorm on pain points- academic, career-centric and psychological- and those pedagogical and counselling practices that can better support today's students.

Media Coverage

National and local dailies captured some highlights from the symposium. Here's a taste:

Media Coverage
Eminent Panel Urges Immediate Industry-Academia Integration (news.careers360.com)
Educationists ask for creating autonomous learning environment (business-standard.com)

Some Moments Frozen on Film

Some Moments Frozen On Film
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ISBF Students receive their degrees at the University of London Graduation Ceremony
University of London Graduation Ceremony
ISBF students, along with students from over 100 countries, received their degrees at the recently held University of London Graduation Ceremony at the Barbican Centre in the heart of London, for successfully completing the rigorous undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with academic direction from LSE. HRH Princess Royal, Chancellor of the University of London, presided over the 2019 London Graduation Ceremony.

Founder & Director of ISBF, Dr. Jitin Chadha said, “It was exciting to see our students at one of the world's most prestigious graduation ceremonies, in the presence of royalty and world-renowned academicians. It was also an honour for us to share the stage as part of the faculty group which was graduating students from over 100 countries. I wish them the very best in their myriad pursuits."

Dr. Chadha, along with Associate Director Chiraag Mehta, also attended on Monday the London School of Economics’ Open House for its Teaching Institutions from across dozens of countries. This was followed by a dinner reception for the graduates at LSE.

Over two days following the graduation ceremony, Dr. Chadha and Mr. Mehta participated in the University of London Teaching Centres’ Symposium, attended by 86 delegates from 26 countries, where deliberations were held around the theme of ‘Acquisition, Experience, Outcomes: Enhancing the Student Journey’.
Enhancing the Student Journey
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Life at ISBF

ISBF reaches Dubai 

ISBF Reaches Dubai
ISBF made its third international presence felt in the city of gold, Dubai, last month after hugely successful forays into Nepal and Bangladesh earlier this year. This four day long tour commenced with the IC3 Regional Forum Conference in Dubai, hosted by Raffles World Academy. The conference had delegates from different universities around the globe and also witnessed the presence of school counsellors from schools across the U.A.E. An ISBF & LSE Teachers' Symposium in Dubai later this year seems like a real possibility.
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LSE Summer School Scholarships 2019 Announced

Every year, the LSE awards full scholarships to two ISBF students for pursuing a 3-week course of their choice at the LSE Summer School in London. The prestigious scholarship rewards students for scholastic and co-scholastic excellence. The winners for this year are:
Shriya Subramanian
Rohini Kakar
Congratulations to the winners!
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Faculty Development Program: Thrust on Collaborative and Engagement Driven Learning

Faculty Development Program
Dr. G. L. Tayal - Dean Academics, ISBF and Prof Soumitra Mookherjee - Associate Professor, ISBF conducted an FDP with faculty members at Lingaya's University. The FDP had two components - firstly, there was a 70 minutes presentation  on the theme titled "Innovations in teaching and learning methods and best practices" where the following pillars of the ISBF Teaching-Learning philosophy were elaborated:
  1. Need for facilitating enquiry based and independent learning
  2. Adoption of Application Oriented learning 
  3. Encouraging the practice of Collaborative learning
  4. Emphasis on Interdisciplinary learning.
  5. Adoption of Technology compatibility 
  6. Implementation of Student Engagement initiatives
  7. Thrust on Case driven learning and mentor mentee programs 
This was followed by a case study analysis moderated by Dr. G. L. Tayal - Dean Academics, ISBF where participants were divided into groups and a case study having discussion questions were handed over to the faculty members. 

This was a highly engaging, interactive session where faculty members deliberated on the questions raised, expressed their opinions, views, and we explained how the case relates to different management / business concepts that we end up discussing in our classrooms.
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LSE-ISBF Faculty Members in the News

The academic contributions of the eminent faculty pool of ISBF continues unabated - with distinguished academicians involved in composition of articles which have been subsequently published in various media platforms. This clearly reveals the passion, drive, academic background, diverse reservoir of knowledge of faculty members where they actively engage in revealing, sharing their thoughts and opinions on several contemporary business issues.
Assistant Professorial Lecturer, Department of Statistics, LSE, Dr. James Abdey and Associate Director, ISBF, Prof. Chiraag Mehta co-authored UK Dual Degrees Combine Rigour and Flexibility was featured in Times Higher Education Magazine
Associate Professor, Aryapriya Ganguly’s article on Bringing Textbook Concepts Alive was featured in The Statesman (The Voices)
Associate Professor, Dr. Yavar Ehsan’s article on Cyber Security: the threat in numbers and micro response tactics was featured in the Deccan Chronicle
For more, visit the ISBF News and Media Section. 
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Strengthening the Industry Academia Interface at ISBF

Guest Lectures by Industry Veterans
Several eminent personalities like Col Prakash Tiwari, CSR Head – DLF Foundation, Mr.  Nikhil Arora, CEO of Go Daddy visited the ISBF campus for delivering guest lectures on contemporary issues, work practices in management  and the critical success factors for achieving business success. This was followed by a detailed one to one interaction with students on various levels of engagement with their organizations with particular emphasis on live projects, research driven assignments and meaningful internship opportunities. 
Guest Lectures by Industry Veterans
Mr.  Nikhil Arora, CEO of Go Daddy, enthralls the gathering
Industry Visit
The industry visit was scheduled and successfully completed on Wednesday 06th March, 2019 at the Shahi Exports Factory Premises situated in Faridabad. All undergraduate and post graduate students of ISBF took part in this plant visit and got insights on how Shahi Exports, a leading garment exporter supplying products to reputed international brands, has re-designed its organization structure to facilitate division of labor, work specific specializations, and integration of various activities starting from sampling to cutting, weaving, assembling and finishing work.

There was a concluding session - where a senior executive briefed the students about the contemporary HR practices deployed by the firm for building team spirit, driving motivation, engaging workforce and empowering employees to maximize their commitment, loyalty and dedication towards the organization. 
Industry Visit
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Educator Showcase
Ms. Jayu Ganesh
Head of School, CPS Global School, Chennai
Ms. Jayu  Ganesh brings to the table a legacy of global best practices as the Head for CPS Global Schools, Chennai, India. A life-long learner, she has over three decades of experience in the profession of teaching and worked as a collaborative administrator within a learning community in various capacities and roles. Prior to joining CPS Global, Ms. Ganesh was the Dean of Academics, IGCSE Coordinator and Examination Officer for CAIE in Symbiosis International School, Pune, India. Apart from being formally qualified to be a teacher (B.Ed.), Ms. Ganesh  is a post graduate in Nuclear Physics and as a Physics Facilitator, she has successfully prepared students from Grades 9 through 12 for their IGCSE and IBDP curriculum, guided many students for their Extended Essay, one of which has been presented at Nagarjuna University at Hyderabad in 2010. 
Ms. Ganesh  is an IB examiner and IGCSE Exam officer for many years. She is equally versed with CAIE and the IB program. As an accomplished IGCSE exam officer, the Vice Chancellor, University of Cambridge Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, and the Chief Executive Officer, Michael O 'Sullivan honoured her with a “Letter of Achievement” for churning out the World and Country toppers securing outstanding results in the IGCSE Examinations year after year. Ms. Ganesh has travelled widely across the globe attending Cambridge/IB Conferences and workshops at U.K., Singapore, Colombo, Athens and Savannah (USA). Recognized as one of the field’s most empathetic administrators and motivated teachers, Ms. Ganesh has the propensity to dream and determine with her facilitators and students towards building robust academic environments based on fundamental human values. She has been known to go beyond the call of duty as a professional to help students, their parents and the staff in their time of need and this remains her most enduring character as an educator. Having spent most of her life in the education sector, she is particularly interested in practices that unchain and set free the latent talent of every single child in her institution. Unlike many others, her mission is to groom and impart skills that can help to self-sustain oneself ethically and commit to societal welfare. In her own words “Every one cannot be a leader but everyone can be a good citizen in any part of the world.”
Ms. Upasana Kinra
Behavioural and Career Guidance Counsellor, DPS International, Delhi

Upasana Kinra is presently working as a Behavioural and Career Guidance Counsellor at DPS International, Delhi. She works with high school students on their applications to various destinations like U.S., Canada, Hongkong, U.K., Singapore, Australia, Europe and India. She guides the students and parents through their entire journey from writing applications to summer schools to building profiles, creating winning resumes, writing college essays, recommendation letters, scholarships and financial aid. Her students have secured admission in top universities like Cornell, Cambridge, UC Berkley, London School of Economics, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, University of Warwick, University of Bath, Sciences Po, Columbia University, Hongkong University, University College London, Carl Benz School, Germany etc. 
She is also a teacher trainer for Core Skills, with The British Council. She has been validated as a Core Skills Trainer by The British Council, U.K. and conducts trainings for teachers pan India on Embedding Core Skills in curriculum, teacher as a researcher and Inclusive pedagogies. She has also successfully served as an officiating Principal for a year in her previous school and gained experience in leadership and administration.
Upasana has a rich Counselling experience in areas of career, life transitions, school issues, self-esteem, stress management, depression, grief/loss, cognitive/communication skills, relationship issues and parenting styles. She has also served in a teaching capacity, taking Psychology classes including career exploration, relationships, stress management and assertive communication. She specializes in the use of cognitive strategies and motivational interviewing to help people to assess readiness for personal, familial, and career change and to assist in the process of taking steps towards meeting goals in these areas.
She has worked extensively in the area of teacher training and curriculum development apart from many other good practices and innovative programs for issues like ‘Child safety’, ‘Bullying’, and ‘Gender discrimination’, ‘Teaching effectiveness’, ‘Classroom management’ and ‘Parenting styles’. She employs a collaborative and a supportive approach to assist clients pursuing their full personal and academic potential, including solution-focused, holistic, and cognitive-behavioural strategies.
She was awarded a grant by The British Council, U.K. to travel and stay there for one week and study their school systems, based on her collaborative project which she designed on sustainable developmental goals, for the elementary school students. She regularly writes articles for magazines on Careers and Mental health. She has worked extensively with underprivileged children at evening schools where she conducts various workshops for the children from the slums. 
She is a diligent self-starter, a learner at heart, a seeker who enjoys challenges. She firmly believes that in the midst of all our accomplishments we should try and give back to the society, in whatever way possible.
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Career Services Division
Career Services Division

Placement Updates

During the period February to April, 2019 the placement activity gathered tremendous pace and momentum with renowned corporate brands like Cushman Wakefield, MCube Financials, Citi Corp Securities, IMRB Kantar, Newby London, Insight Alpha, Veris, Finedge Advisory, Ameriprise Financials, Bloomberg, Ernst and Young, PMV Maltings, Tres-vista, Go Daddy, visiting ISBF campus for recruiting our prospective students for internships and full time positions. This year the recruitment drive is indicative of wider pool of recruiters from divergent sectors evincing interest in hiring ISBF students at packages as high as Rs. 6.5 - 7 Lakhs.

International Work Placements

ISBF students have the opportunity of a year-long, full‐time, fully paid international work placements at prestigious investment banks in London and New York through our association with the Mountbatten Institute. Over the years, our students have secured this international work placement with top investment banks such as Merril Lynch, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley, to name a few.
Padam Nischal, a student of the Graduate Diploma in Finance, got placed as a Compliance Analyst at Liquidnet, New York. 
Pankhuri Bhasin, a student of the Graduate Diploma in Management, got placed as a Business Process Analyst at Citi Bank, New York.
International Work Placements
We wish them all the best!
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Alumni Spotlight
Palak Kumar, batch of 2015, studied BSc Economics and Management from ISBF. After completing her under-graduation at ISBF, she got accepted to the Mountbatten Programme where she was sponsored to work with Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) in London along with studying for a post-graduate diploma in International Business from St. Mary’s University, Twickenham. Palak worked as a tax consultant at BAML where she acquired important professional skills that have helped shape her work life post her year in London. She also experienced holistic development and had a fulfilling year, both professionally and personally, during the Mountbatten Internship opportunity. 
From having barely any knowledge on tax issues to considering it as a career choice, Palak took up the opportunity to work as a tax analyst with EY India after her BAML adventure. This was at a time when India was experiencing an Indirect tax boom from a Consultancy’s point of view with one of the biggest indirect tax reforms (GST) being rolled out. Palak is currently still working with EY in the Indirect tax team. Over the last 2 and a half years, Palak has gained expertise in complex tax issues and has completed 2 levels of the CFA exams. She feels that managing a full-time job along with studying such an intense course has taught her the importance of time management and being dedicated to your goals.
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Quiz on 'Failures'
1. Old Persian proverb says “A Persian carpet is perfectly imperfect, and precisely imprecise”. Persian carpet makers never make a perfect carpet, it will always have some flaws in it. The original deliberate mistake is usually made in the execution of the pattern of the rug and not in the dying of the wool or silk, and certainly not the quality of the weaving. Genuine deliberate mistakes in oriental rugs and carpets may be very difficult to spot and can be as subtle as a different colour used in a flower petal. In reality with all handmade oriental rugs and carpets, mistakes creep in whether deliberate or not. What is the reason behind this deliberate mistake?
2. Towards the end of 2015, the seats, walls and ceilings of several New York Subway coaches were covered as shown below. Who was the advertiser, and explain why it caused a lot of furore? 
3. In the summer of 2005, a certain brand thought it was a terrific idea to create a giant popsicle using their product, and advertise it at Union Square – except, by the time they transported and opened what was the world’s largest popsicle when it was made, it melted off and poured into the streets of NY. Which brand?
4. In 1992, to market their new ‘Cinquecento’ range, X decided to mail out some love letters. So they typed up a few of them (50k, to be exact) on pink paper and sent them out to "independent, modern working women".
The letters used phrases like "We met again on the street yesterday and I noticed how you glanced interestedly in my direction," and asked the reader to join in for "a little adventure”. To make matters worse, each letter was personally addressed, was completely anonymous, and contained no indication whatsoever that it was all just a promotional stunt. X?
5. Sometime last decade, this company started a campaign to market their new range of summer coolers – except, people were enraged by the distasteful design. Which company? Why the backlash?
6. Downloaded is a documentary film directed by Alex Winter about the downloading generation and the impact of filesharing on the Internet. It features exclusive interviews with software developers and musicians about controversial filesharing software, and particularly X. It follows X from its rise in 1999, through the swarm of lawsuits that ensued and to its acquisition by Rhapsody in 2011. Identify X.
7. In 2003, at its peak, Nokia tried to conquer the handheld gaming market with a console phone hybrid. It had a screen that was taller than it was wide, with a D-Pad and quick keys on the left, along with a numeric keypad to the right. Perhaps most weirdly, the user had to make calls ‘side-on’ due to the location of the speaker, leading it to be dubbed the ‘Taco’. What was this failed console phone hybrid called, hinting at what it would do for gamers?
8. Straightforward question now. Contrary to expectations, Fortune named which corporation "America's Most Innovative Company" for six consecutive years, later to fail spectacularly, and becoming the subject of the documentary The Smartest Guys in the Room?
9. Which is the largest bankruptcy in history, with the company listing $639 billion in assets as of its Chapter 11 filing in 2008?
10. Which in-the-news organization, launched a first-of-its-kind fundraising programme, Magic Box, in association with the NGO Save the Children India in 1997? What was unique about the programme?
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Answers to the quiz:
  1. This is because according to Islam, only Allah is perfect.
  2. Amazon, The Man in the High Castle promotional campaign ended up resembling Nazi/Axis insignia!
  3. Snapple
  4. Fiat
  5. Starbucks; the imagery resembled the 9/11 attacks on WTC
  6. Napster
  7. N-GAGE
  8. ENRON
  9. The US investment bank Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc
  10. Jet Airways; it was an in-flight fundraising programme!
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