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Volume 2; Issue 3, July 2018

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Prof. Aryapriya Ganguly - Editor-in-Chief
Prof. Soumitra Mookherjee - Associate Editor 
Prof. Navni Kothari - Associate Editor

Letter from the Editor

For most of the twentieth century, it was assumed that leaders had to be men. Women were poorly represented in management roles and were largely ignored in leadership research as most of the research was done by men whose subjects were men. Read more

Multi-Disciplinary Analysis

A Business Case for Gender Diversity. Read more

Train. Teach. Transform

Dr. Neil McLean’s Training and Development Workshops for ISBF Faculty Members and Teachers from premiere schools across the country. Read more

Educator Showcase

This section - Educator Showcase - is a brand new addition to our newsletter. Every month, it will feature write-ups about the career achievements of fellow educators, seeking to recognise the invaluable contributions they make. Read more


ISBF was conferred the award for being the “The Best Institute For Providing Global Exposure” at the Education Excellence Awards 2018, organised by ASSOCHAM India in Kolkata on 12th July, 2018. Read more

Life at ISBF

Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight on ISBF's Shalini Mittal who is an ‘External Country Analyst’ at The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), New Delhi . Read more


Quiz on Women and Organisations Click here
Letter from the Editor
Empowering young Female Graduates
‘If as many women as men worked in India, the world’s biggest democracy would be 27% richer’.
- The Economist
For most of the twentieth century, it was assumed that leaders had to be men. Women were poorly represented in management roles and were largely ignored in leadership research as most of the research was done by men whose subjects were men. However, as Fiona Wilson (2002) argues, we are now witnessing a ‘feminization of management’ as flatter structures need skills in communication, collaboration, consensual decision-making, teamworking, networking and developing others- qualities associated with women.

Debate concerning the problems facing women who aspire to leadership roles has focused on ‘the glass ceiling’, the invisible barrier erected by male-dominated company boards. However, the irony remains that while women are under-represented in senior management ranks, they may be over-represented in vulnerable senior positions. Research by Michelle Ryan and Alexander Haslam (2005) concludes that women are being set up to fail- they were being placed on a ‘glass cliff’ by being appointed in difficult organizational circumstances. More on these glassy illusions from multiple disciplinary points of view in our Multi-Disciplinary Analysis of A Business Case for Diversity

This issue of The Inquirer stems out of the recent, empowering developments in Saudi Arabia, where after the ban on women drivers was lifted on June 24, companies like Uber and Careem are putting women, quite literally, in the driver's seat. The quiz in this issue celebrates women entrepreneurs and decision-makers in an organizational context. 

The winds of change are blowing and it’s highly opportune that this year, the University of London (UoL) celebrated the 150th anniversary of its "Special Examinations for Women" offered to the women in UK, leading to the award of university degrees to women. ISBF has been invited to be a part of the Leading Women Campaign, spearheaded by the UoL. This would symbolize our sincere commitment as an academic partner of University of London and London School of Economics and Political Science towards delivering academic excellence and empowering young female graduates for pursuing better prospects in academia and their professional careers. 

Happy reading!
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Multi-Disciplinary Analysis: A Business Case for Gender Diversity
Business Case for Gender Diversity
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Train. Teach. Transform
Dr. Neil McLean’s Training and Development Workshops
Training and Development Workshops
Dr. Neil McLean - Director of the Teaching and Learning Centre at LSE visited ISBF campus from 9th - 12th July, 2018 which was a four day mission for discussing contemporary, innovative methods of imparting learning, possible refinement of assessment/ feedback techniques, and ensuring higher intensity of participation and attendance from the student community.

The discussion sessions were highly illuminating as it provided a comprehensive road-map of adopting changes in the teaching style, approach and methodology having elements of various techniques to make learning and teaching more inspiring for students. In particular, the motivation ladder, the achievement driven recognition and  concepts of group belonging were touched upon to emphasize ways of maximizing student participation and attendance in classes and other co/extra curricular activities.

The interactions concerning approach towards formative assessments, nature of feedback was a positive step in the right direction as it attempted to give an overview of appropriate methods which could be imbibed into the system for enhancing quality of revision work and performance standards of students.

The final day was particularly exciting as faculty members were involved in micro teaching sessions in front of their peers. Their presentations were recorded and detailed feedback was given as regards the positive cues and avenues where further improvement is warranted. The "I" message, "you" message and "we" message was discussed in details to explain that the instructor knows what students need to know, have a plan for learning, and develops personal connections clearly highlighting the flow of the course across weeks.

On the 10th of July, ISBF organised Train. Teach. Transform: A Teacher Training workshop by Dr. McLean. The workshop centred around the need to introduce real world discussions using meaningful technological tools to bring the classroom alive for school students. Train. Teach. Transform was conducted in two parts. While the physical workshop engaged educators from various reputed schools in Delhi, the Webinar in the second half had educators from all over the country sharing in the learning and asking incisive questions. We thank all the participants again for supporting ISBF initiatives  that are geared towards the academic growth of the millennial and educators.
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Educator Showcase
This section - Educator Showcase - is a brand new addition to our newsletter. Every month, it will feature write-ups about the career achievements of fellow educators, seeking to recognise the invaluable contributions they make. It emanates from ISBF's emphasis on a teaching-learning community, where educators engage and brainstorm with each other on best practices, through fora such as our annual teachers' symposiums and training workshops by LSE faculty members, and through which they inspire, and are inspired by, each other, by learning of the work others are doing, and by sharing some insights on their own work. 

We embark on the Educator Showcase with two doyens of their vocation, who have touched numerous lives on countless occasions.
Ms. Toral Sharan,
Careers Counsellor/PR/Exchange-off Campus Coordinator, Welham Boys' School

Toral Sharan is a British Indian living and working at Welham Boys’ School Dehradun, where she heads the Careers Department among 6 other portfolios. She has travelled extensively with a purpose of “making a difference” whether it was working with Vietnamese refugees arriving in the U.K. 1981, to working on a Kibbutz in Israel and helping set up a children’s centre in a remote village in India in 1984. They have all been very special projects, gaining an understanding of different lives and getting  as she says her  “hands dirty” by working on foundations for a brighter future and an equal world. Her path has brought her to Welham and she strives to make a difference with the schools senior students to help them engage in a pathway to not only find the right fit but also go onto leading happy adult lives.

From 1984 to 1986 she began work on an Oxfam aided development project in the Northern State of India (Uttar Pradesh), establishing a young children’s centre. The children who attended the centre were physically and culturally deprived. They were taught personal hygiene which required unaccustomed efforts. The aim was to provide activity for development and eventually the villagers would come to regard this as a regular routine in their lives. It was an opportunity to link with families and an opportunity to involve adolescent girls and mothers into literacy classes.

She enjoys travelling, being part of other cultures abroad and locally. She has taken a keen interest in organizing local charity events both in England and in India. A multi-linguist, she can speak Hindi, English and Gujarati, along with English.

She has considerable experience with management issues often supporting managerial decisions. She has enjoyed working in educational reading skills and conversational English; and has expanded her skills to Careers Counseling and Public Relations at Welham Boys’ School. Her experiences in the workplace have given her the opportunity to want to move to a management level. It will enable her to develop people skills and gain further functional understanding of a wider process, whilst continuing to look after her individual progression. 
Ms. Chetna Sabharwal,
Head, Counselling & International Education, Ahlcon International School

With an exposure of 20 years in the field of education, teacher training, mentoring and counseling, Ms. Chetna Sabharwal believes that the purpose of learning is growth and our minds can continue growing as we continue to live. Defined for her prowess in mathematics, career counseling and education abroad, she is placed at one of Delhi’s best schools Ahlcon International School.

She is also associated with national bodies like NCERT and NIOS for script writing, online course content development, participating as an expert in radio shows and talk shows for Gyan Darshan. As a guest speaker to various national & International Conferences, her sessions for the counselors and principals across India include topics like “latest trends in career education”, “Onboarding Parents” and “Disruption in education”. Her recent laurel includes “Women Achievers Award 2016” by Indian Women Convention for dedicated work in social awareness campaign. She has also been conferred as “Top 25 mentors of India” by ThinkCIQ and the “Jeevan Kaushal Ratna Award” Award in 2017 for her relentless contribution in the field of counseling and taking up issues like adolescents concerns, peer education, learning disabilities and career guidance. She is also involved in mentoring an international team at Global STEM Alliance, New York and has travelled to countries like UAE, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada and Australia on different educational assignments. Her ventures into book-writing sketched out a series of Math textbooks, published papers in international journals, articles in various national and international magazines and also authored a comprehensive career guide at Ahlcon.

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own.” Her way of exemplifying this quote makes her a career expert at shiksha.com where she has been conferred with “Expert of the Year Award” and as a panelist at the National Cyber Safety Security Launch Campaign. Her journey of being a counsel-companion inspired the idea of Bass Ek Raah, a multi-pronged approach to reach out to people and encourage them at every juncture of need. Under this organization, she has conducted workshops and trainings on personal branding, portfolio building, Effective communication, careers of the future, skill sets for the job market et al.
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“The Best Institute For Providing Global Exposure”
ISBF Award
Ramesh Nair, Chief Operating Officer , ISBF receiving the ASSOCHAM  “BEST INSTITUTE FOR PROVIDING GLOBAL EXPOSURE” Award in Kolkata on 12th of July, 2018
The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry as an apex chamber of the nation has been regularly engaging itself with the policy makers, education bodies, social organizations, international agencies, Institutes of Excellence to bring the desired reforms in the education sector for building an eco system of sustainability- both socially and economically. In an endeavour towards recognizing and rewarding institutes of eminence for the commendable efforts made for building high quality human resources in the country, the organization invited nominations from several education institutions, universities, business schools, for the “ EduMeet 2018 & Education Excellence Awards- 2018”  
Nominations’ were requested under several categories and ISBF participated under the category titled “BEST INSTITUTE FOR PROVIDING GLOBAL EXPOSURE”. After careful, scrutiny, examination, review and screening of applications by a nationally distinguished panel of judges– ISBF was finally shortlisted and conferred the award for being the best institute providing remarkable quality of global exposure both for the student and faculty fraternity. The award ceremony was held in Kolkata on 12th July, 2018 and representatives of ISBF were present to accept the award.
It is really remarkable that ISBF has received due recognition and is pleased to accept this award with great humility. This significant accomplishment reflects the degree of recognition of ISBF as an institute of global repute. Firstly, ISBF has now featured as one of the prestigious, premiere global affiliate centre of the London School of Economics and Political Science, U.K. The curriculum is truly international, exciting, challenging and demanding with students having the option to complete part of their course in U.K. The track record of students migrating to international universities, pursuing international internship projects, securing employment opportunities overseas with multinational brands, participating in the convocation ceremony, and attending the LSE summer school programs is commendable and noteworthy. The Faculty members of ISBF have enormous reservoir of background knowledge and experience. Distinguished and senior faculty members from LSE visit ISBF periodically for delivering guest lectures, discussing about best teaching practices, acknowledging students for their exemplary performances in the university examinations and conducting week-long training and development workshops with both ISBF Faculty Members and educators in the country. 
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Life at ISBF

University of London - ISBF Leading Women Campaign

Life at ISBF
The University of London has cordially invited ISBF staff and faculty members to be a part of the Leading Women Campaign - a momentous occasion calling for acknowledgement  and recognition of the efforts and contribution of women in the field of education.

Some of the pressing questions ISBF will be grappling with at the Indian Sub-Continent Conversation on the Leading Women Campaign in September are:

Given that women have been shown to be just as professionally ambitious as men, and given that there is a rapidly growing percentage of women gaining degrees and higher education qualifications, why, then, are we still not seeing the same representative sample of women in leadership roles around the world?

What is a modern university’s utopian responsibility with regards to gender equality? And how, through a fulfilment of this responsibility, can a modern university’s focus on gender equality become impactful within a wider society?
This is ISBF alumna Nikhita Goel speaking about the challenges to diverse workplaces and how her UG education equipped her to deal with this challenge, as part of the Leading Women Campaign.

ISBF Faculty Members in the news

The faculty pool of ISBF have an enormous reservoir of background knowledge and experience. As part of their academic endeavors, the faculty community is actively involved in writing opinion articles and research papers published in both online and offline media. 

Outlined below is an illustrative list of articles authored by different faculty members and published in various forums during the period May - July, 2018.
Dr. Jitin Chadha, Director of ISBF, has been part of exclusive interviews with Business World Education and published several papers on the theme related to looking at the world beyond Delhi University and how Indian education is still lagging behind the global standards

In a series of articles published by him he has clearly reiterated the fact that it is important to research and explore options before applying for any course offered by various universities. Although, Delhi University offers a plethora of options it would be certainly pragmatic to understand the courses offered by renowned international universities, the uniqueness of the course syllabus/contents, the innovative teaching pedagogy, and the rewarding outcomes leading to a secure professional future.
A sea of opportunities for economic students
by Prof Chiraag Mehta, Associate Director, ISBF
The Deccan Herald, 24 May 2018
How firms can check unsuspecting information leaks
by Prof Dr. Yavar Ehsan, Associate Professor, ISBF
CXOtoday.com, 07 May 2019
Q4 Corporate Scorecard Hints RBI Monetary Policy on course to make India second largest economy
by Prof Soumitra Mookherjee, Associate Professor, ISBF
Business World Education, 10 May 2018
Why classrooms are Increasingly Becoming Irrelevant
by Dr. James Abdey, Assistant Professorial Lecturer, Department of Statistics, LSE
Business World Education, 10 May 2018
Indian education sector is on the cusp of a revolution
by Dr. G.L. Tayal, Dean Academics, ISBF and Prof. Soumitra Mookherjee, Associate Professor, ISBF 
QRIUS, 21 June 2018

UoL’s Academic Staff Showcase features ISBF Faculty Member

Associate Professor, Aryapriya Ganguly, was featured in the Academic Staff Showcase of the University of London Institutions Newsletter- June, 2018.

Career Services Division – The Quarter That Was

Life at ISBF
In the previous quarter, the pace and momentum of our recruitment drive has accelerated as students have completed their end term university examinations. Students are encouraged to take up internship opportunities to harness their research capabilities, communications abilities, managerial expertise and skills which leads to a significant value addition to their overall career progression.
Renowned brands like WNS, E&Y, Moody's Analytics, Mcube Financials, HT, Willis Towers Watson visit ISBF campus every year for recruiting our potential students and offering outstanding internship opportunities. In the last three months we have achieved several milestones, established our reach, visibility and expanded on our pool of recruiters. 

New reputed firms like Centre for Policy Research, Global Development Network, MAMTA Group Foundation, CARE India, United Nations, World Bank, Muditva Industries, IFFORT, etc have approached us for discussing suitable projects for our undergraduate students. To make the experience more stimulating the faculty pool of ISBF accompany students to attend several seminars, symposiums, conferences sponsored by UN, trade bodies, industry associations which provides an appropriate setting for interaction, networking and knowledge sharing  - this is additional value addition and practical exposure provided to our students for enhancing their employment prospects.
Over the last three years - the number of firms seeking ISBF graduates has increased significantly and the average pay package has gone up by 20% this year. 
For the graduate diploma programs in Economics, Management and Finance  - rigorous teaching, learning sessions has been backed by active participation of students in high impact mock interview gatherings and preparatory classes  to sharpen their soft skills and domain knowledge. 
Every year leading multinational brands like PWC, E & Y, IHS Markit MOODY's Analytics, WNS, Deloitte, and Ameriprise, to name a few, hire students of ISBF. However, in the last quarter this year our recognition and visibility has improved considerably with reputed organizations like United Biscuits, American Express, PMV Maltings Ltd. doling out offers to our students. The redeeming feature is not confined to the number of companies recruiting our students, but several companies from diverse sectors visiting our campus and offering encouraging pay packages after realizing the background, competency, knowledge level, skill sets of our student fraternity.  

Two students have been selected for undertaking international internships through the Mountbatten Program. Students who have pursued international projects have been absorbed by formidable brands like HSBC, CITIBANK, PEPSICO, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley and this substantiates the extraordinary level of global exposure extended to prospective students of ISBF.
We have ended the year 2017-18 with a 100% placement record where all students looking for employment or internship opportunities have been successfully positioned.
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Alumni Spotlight
Shalini Mittal enrolled herself at the Featured Teaching Institute of The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Indian School of Business & Finance (ISBF), to pursue BSc (Hons) Economics. With hard work and a committed faculty to support her, she transferred in the 2nd year to The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). 

In the light of this issue of The Inquirer, it is imperative and highly poignant that we refer to one of Shalini's most treasured laurels that involves a pioneer in the movement for greater gender diversity in higher education in the UK- Professor Susan Dev OBE

Professor Susan Dev OBE, an alumnus and later staff member of the London School of Economics and Political Science, was the first female professor in Accounting in the UK. Besides being the first to break the gender barrier in the field in the UK, she received the prestigious lifetime achievement award by the British Accounting Association in 2004.

Professor Susan Dev also played a major role in the International Programmes up until 2009. In 2009, Professor Dev kindly provided a full scholarship to the top International Programmes student who had been offered  a place at the LSE to study. 

Shalini’s marks were outstanding and she was awarded the Susan Dev Scholarship

Shalini then pursued her MSc Economics at LSE, and immediately started working as an Economist at Cambridge Econometrics and The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), London. After working there for a couple of years, she took up the profile of ‘Consultant’ at National Institute of Finance & Public Policy, New Delhi. Ultimately, she joined The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), New Delhi as ‘External Country Analyst’. Much of her success can be attributed to her extensive knowledge in the subject of Economics. 
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Quiz on Women and Organisations
1. Had Hillary Clinton won, she would’ve given her victory speech from the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. Her choice was both symbolic and ironic. Ironic, since Trump had written in The Art of the Deal that he had lobbied the city to name the building after his family, but they chose a different developer, which he had criticized. Now, what was the real reason she attributed to the choice of Javits Center, the symbolic reason?
2. When released in 2013, it became an instant sensation, racking up >2M views in 2 days, and to date is the most popular video to come out of Saudi Arabia. Made by comedian Hisham Fageeh, it's a satirical video set to the tune of Bob Marley's No Woman, No Cry. So what was this song satirizing?
3. If a list is made of people who have the most area on earth named for them, Amerigo Vesupucci wins hands down as he has two continents in his name. Who is second on the list?
4. Who is the founder and CEO of the eponymously named Harpo Productions which is into TV production, movies, books and other print media?
5. What was unique about this playing XI that took on New Zealand at Vizag on Oct 29, 2016- Devaki (cap+wk), Saroj, Sujata, Pramila, Nalini, Tara, Purnima, Mandakini, Surinder, Lakshmi, Daljit?
6. In 2006, this pioneer trained for and replaced Daisuke Enomoto on an 8-day journey with Michael Lopez-Alegria, because Enomoto was disqualified due to kidney stones. So, what did she do in September 2006?
7. In 2014, two familiar brands that have for decades been the targets of complaints about their portrayal of women, joined forces proclaim how “#unapologetic” they were. The campaign coincided with the 50th anniversary of one of the brands. The campaign culminated in a four-page magazine photo-feature by Walter Iooss Jr., who has been shooting swimsuit models for four decades, and a famous cover page appearance, the first of its kind for both the brands. What are we talking about?
8. As a child she had hated needles, and she would tell how her mother and her grandmother fainted at the sight of them. She was later included in the Times Most Influential People of 2015, and also called the first self-made female billionaire. The proprietary blood testing portable machines of the company are named "Edison", after the inventor, promised to revolutionise blood testing. There was even talk of making a movie based on her, tentatively titled Bad Blood. Either tell us who she is or what she founded, that combines two words often used in medicine.
9. Daisie, an app created by Dom Santry and X, aims at connecting creatives. Available later this summer as a mobile app, Daisie will offer a platform where creators can network, like, share and collaborate on projects within a social networking setting. It will also be used as a talent source for Daisy Chain Productions, founded by the two along with Bill Milner. The fiery young woman that X is, she does have a name. Who is she?
(A) 5 distinguished women (Malala Yousafzai, Tawakkol Karman, Mairead Corrigan, Betsy Williams, Rigoberta Menchú Tum) who have won the Nobel Peace Prize. What other unique feature connects them besides women laureates?

(B) Malala is one of the select few and the only woman on what list, that have won both a Nobel and what other award, a list that includes Dylan, Gorbachev, MLK Jr, and US presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama.
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Answers to the quiz:
1. Javits Center is believed to have the largest glass ceiling in New York. 
2. It was mocking the ban on female motorists or a woman’s right to drive in Saudi Arabia 
3. Queen Victoria
4. Oprah (Harpo is an anagram of Oprah)
5. India took to field wearing their mom’s names on the jerseys instead of their surnames (or) father’s names
6. Anousheh Ansari, who was a space tourist (later set up the Ansari X prize for space travel by non-governmental organisations)
7. Barbie featured as the cover girl on Sports Illustrated's 50th anniversary Swimsuit Issue.
8. Elizabeth Holmes/ Theranos (combining Therapy+ Diagnosis)
9. Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark from GoT
10. (A) Youngest Nobel Winners (Yes, the five youngest are all women!) (B) Won both a Grammy and a Nobel.

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