The Power of Why Web Series

The Power of Why Web Series

The Power of Why Web Series

The Power of Why Web Series


A key aspect of the pedagogy at ISBF is questions. Questions lie at the heart of all academic pursuit and discovery, and our faculty encourage students to inquire incessantly. This is imperative for students to be able to tell the true from the untrue, to challenge the status quo and, in true LSE spirit, to understand the causes of things. To add a new dimension to this endeavour, the ISBF faculty have curated a web video series entitled The Power of Why. It is intended to showcase the might of a seemingly innocuous question and inspire each viewer to ask one. Having been developed to initiate new ISBFians into this spirit of inquiry, the videos exhort them to ask questions even about seemingly commonplace phenomena related to economics, finance and management, and to re-explore them from a fresh perspective. Starting 7th June 2020, one learning video will be released here each Friday for the next 8 weeks. The schedule of videos is appended below. Following each video, participants in the series must complete a related activity, for which they will earn points, win weekly prizes, and compete on the Leaderboard below for a consolidated grand trophy on Orientation Day 2020. May every participant learn, and the most enthusiastic one win!

Schedule for 8 Weeks:



Learning  Theme

(Every Friday)

Week 1


Learning Beyond Grades – A Webinar

Week 2


Language of Numbers – A Video

Week 3


Impact of Covid – A Podcast

Week 4


An Introduction to Social Psychology – A Webinar

Week 5


Stock Market Bubble – A Video

Week 6


i-Alumni Speak

Week 7


Playing with Data- An Activity

Week 8


The Power of Why – Concluding Video

Why participate?

  • Lots of interesting learning, in bite-sized portions.
  • Understand and apply concepts the LSE way.
  • By undertaking activities, every participant will earn some points. Highest scorer of each activity will receive an Amazon gift voucher.
  • At the end of the series, the participant with the highest average points, calculated from the best three activities, will be the overall winner, subject to participation in at least 4 activities.
  • ISBF website leaderboard will reflect the latest rankings based on average points from the best three activities.
  • Top 3 overall winners will receive a trophy and certificate from ISBF’s Dean on Orientation Day!


After a rich, curiosity-filled, and invigorating journey throughout the 8 weeks of the Power of Why (PoW) Web Series, we have finally reached this point where we have hopefully engraved a spirit of inquiry in your minds, along with an appreciation of its importance in our everyday learning pursuits. The final leaderboard standings are as follows. 

RankStudent NameProgrammeAverage Score (%)No. of Activities
1Dhruv GuptaBSc Business & Management928
2Vignesh BalasubramaniamBSc Economics & Management918
2Kritika SoniBSc Economics & Finance918
3Archit AsawaBSc Economics858
4Aryan GootyBSc Economics & Finance816
5Kavishsinh ChauhanBSc Economics & Management777
6Harsh BarotBSc Economics & Finance717
7Frreya PunamiyaBSc Economics705
8Anika SahBSc Economics & Finance633
9Prithwish BargohainBSc Economics & Finance606
10Prethiyanga SenthilBSc Economics & Finance573