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The Power of Why

The Power of Why

The Power of Why


A key aspect of the pedagogy at ISBF is questions. Questions lie at the heart of all academic pursuit and discovery, and our faculty encourage students to inquire incessantly. This is imperative for students to be able to tell the true from the untrue, to challenge the status quo and, in true LSE spirit, to understand the causes of things. To add a new dimension to this endeavour, the ISBF faculty have curated a web video series entitled The Power of Why. It is intended to showcase the might of a seemingly innocuous question and inspire each viewer to ask one. Having been developed to initiate new ISBFians into this spirit of inquiry, the videos exhort them to ask questions even about seemingly commonplace phenomena related to economics, finance and management, and to re-explore them from a fresh perspective. Starting 8th June 2018, one learning video will be released here each Friday for the next 8 weeks. The schedule of videos is appended below. Following each video, participants in the series must complete a related activity, for which they will earn points, win weekly prizes, and compete on the Leaderboard below for a consolidated grand trophy on Orientation Day 2018. May every participant learn, and the most enthusiastic one win!

Schedule for 8 Weeks:


Learning Video Theme

(via email every Friday)

Week 1


Understanding the causes of things

Week 2



Week 3


Crack open a case study

Week 4


ISBF Studentspeak on the power of why

Week 5


The language of numbers

Week 6


Stock markets – Bubbles, Bulls & Bears

Week 7


Is the world re-thinking globalization?

Week 8


The power of why


RankStudent nameProgrammeAverage ScoreNo. of Activities
1Siddharth JamadBSc (Hons) Economics87.0%7
2Hitesh Suresh KumarBSc (Hons) Economics & Finance83.0%7
3Saurav Nirmal JainBSc (Hons) Economics & Finance78.9%5
4Yash Nitin PatelBSc (Hons) Economics74.2%5
5Pradhyumn ChoudharyBSc (Hons) Economics70.6%4
6Anirban MaityBSc (Hons) Economics70.3%6
7Jasraj Yogesh KripalaniBSc (Hons) Economics67.2%5
8Raghav GuptaBSc (Hons) Economics & Finance66.7%6
9Arnav BhardwajBSc (Hons) Business & Management66.2%7
10Raunaq Singh AhluwaliaBSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance64.0%4
11Pranav KakkarBSc (Hons) Economics & Management63.3%5
12Vidhi TiwariBSc (Hons) Management & Digital Innovation61.1%6
13Nishtha ShrivastavBSc (Hons) Economics58.4%6
14Sajag SaxenaBSc (Hons) Economics & Management57.8%4
15Mahika AggarwalBSc (Hons) Business & Management55.7%4
16Anirudh KrishnanBSc (Hons) Economics & Management53.2%7
17Sai Sruthi LingamBSc (Hons) Economics & Management45.9%4
18Aditi Dipak DahakeBSc (Hons) Business & Management41.2%6
19Sai Rushi Raj KBSc (Hons) Economics & Management34.4%4


1.This table ranks only those students who have completed at least 4 activities, and are therefore eligible for the overall Power of Why prize.

2. The rankings are based on the average score across the best 3 activities. 


RankStudent nameProgrammeAverage ScoreNo. of Activities
naApoorv MalikBSc (Hons) Business & Management80.0%1
naShriya SubramanianBSc (Hons) Economics80.0%1
naManjyot Singh NarangBSc (Hons) Management & Digital Innovation70.6%3
naDevendra ChandnaniBSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance69.6%3
naS SnehaBSc (Hons) Economics & Management65.7%3
naSanya ChandraBSc (Hons) Business & Management60.8%2
naEshan ZainBSc (Hons) Economics & Management57.7%2
naBhavya SudhakarBSc (Hons) Economics & Finance55.0%2
naColin ChandnaBSc (Hons) Management & Digital Innovation53.3%1
naVedika GuptaBSc (Hons) Business & Management53.3%1


1.This table lists, in descending order of average score, the top 10 students who have not yet completed 4 activities, and are therefore ineligible for the overall Power of Why prize as of now.

2.The average score, here too, is taken across the best 3 activities / all activities completed (whichever is greater).