Master’s Abroad

Master’s Abroad

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Master’s Abroad

The LSE education and UOL degree/diploma will give you a substantial upper hand when applying for prestigious Master’s programmes around the world.

See the video below to hear about this from LSE’s Student Recruitment Manager.

The undergraduate programmes equip students with the rigour needed to start the world’s most rigorous and rewarding Master’s programmes, often on generous scholarships. Being UK programmes, they also enable students to meet the requirement for 16 years of education at several US and Canadian universities.

The 1-year Graduate Diploma programme also helps raise the rigour of graduates from domestic programmes up to international standards. Being equivalent to the first year of many 2-year Master’s programmes in the UK, it provides arguably the perfect platform from which to step onto challenging Master’s programmes globally. Besides, it serves as the 16th year of education for students looking to pursue a Master’s in Canada and the US.

ISBF graduates are also exempted from appearing for competitive examinations like GRE or GMAT by several institutions around the world (click here to see LSE’s list of GRE/GMAT exemptions). Armed with all these advantages, they have been able to go on to some of the world’s most prestigious institutions for Master’s programmes, such as those shown below. What is more, the solid academic foundation laid by their LSE education has enabled them to succeed at these programmes with relative ease.

See the video below to hear about Gaurav Kanwar’s journey from BSc Business & Management at ISBF to University of Warwick

See the video below to hear about Damini Mohan’s journey from the Graduate Diploma in Economics at ISBF to Columbia University

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