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Xenia- cultural fest

Xenia- cultural fest

Campus Life

What is Xenia?

Xenia is ISBF’s annual cultural festival which is a student driven initiative spearheaded by the Student Council. It is a prestigious platform for creative enthusiasts and has grown from being a small scale affair to a significant event in Delhi’s cultural calendar. As all-encompassing as possible, its programme manages to reflect a perfect blend of knowledge, dance and music. Xenia is bringing together of academic practices, an opportunity of collaboration between departments, students across all courses, and with external partners. It’s a showcase of the economic, business and organizational skills that students learn while studying the LSE curriculum, with an emphasis on public engagement. For the last few years, the student council based the theme of their fest on a social cause – an endeavor to use this massive platform to raise their voice for a better society. A range of events take place across the festival. Nearly all events are free and open to the public. Some flagship events include: Talkathon Strategeo Step-Up Muses Arcania

Who is it for?

Xenia is for everyone. It’s a celebration of the achievements coupled with an effort to increase awareness about a social cause. As such we invite people from all walks of life to come and get a taste of the things we are doing. We want to use the opportunity to engage our wider audience: anyone interested in the cause Xenia supports in that year. We welcome members of the public, our alumni, members of ISBF academic institutions, our creative partners, prospective students, current students. For more information contact: uol@isbf.edu.in

Xenia – ISBF Annual Fest

Xenia 2016 – Giving Peace A Chance The student council was singularly unanimous about the 2016 theme, deciding to celebrate peace as a theme for the festival. The competition was intense and the events were diverse with students across Delhi signing up for the opportunity to display their incredible talents to a large and eager audience. ISBF students were pleasantly surprised with the enthusiastic response from other students and the remarkable calibre of the competitors attending. The music competition wowed the audience with some scintillating performances including the popular band, Soul’d out. But perhaps the most explosive contest was STEP UP 2016 where over 125 students from across India amazed the audience with breathtaking stunts and near perfect choreography. After the festival came to a close, there was a tired but eager atmosphere amongst the ISBFians, they simply couldn’t wait to do it all over again next year.

Xenia Mahabharat 2015 – A Fight Against Social Disorders

Xenia Mahabharat 2015 aptly envisages the essence of Lord Krishna’s teachings in regard to the exacerbating state of the society. Mahabharat teaches us the righteous way of living – as described by our ancient Sages and Gurus. It is a unique amalgamation of religion, philosophy, rituals, code of conduct & Dharma. This epic which has 100,000 shlokas, 200,000 individual verses and around 1.8 million words is roughly 10 times of Iliad and Odyssey is considered as the Greatest Indian Epic. For Xenia 2015, we chose Mahabharat as the theme because we want a change – a transformation in our society. Xenia Mahabharat – 2015 is dedicated to the fight against social disorders which is slowly but gradually paralysing our society, and making us inhuman. We will explore the deep, ancient wisdom of the Mahabharat, and churn out the answers which every member of our society needs, right now.On February 1st, 2015 at Siri Fort, New Delhi, we are about to witness a transformation which has never been experienced before. The battle against the evil just got bigger.  

Xenia Awaaz 2014 – The voice of the youth

Indian history has seen many young people leading the country to independence. However, over the last few decades, our enthusiasm seems to have been muted, arguably due to deep-rooted corruption and government insensitivity towards various social issues.Among the world’s major countries, India has the youngest population and oldest leaders. India’s median age of 25 is in sharp contrast to the average age of its cabinet ministers, 65, which is a far bigger gap than in any other country. History shows us that generations with an exceptionally high youth ratio create political movements that shake up their systems. Therefore, the striking absence of the youth representation in the political arena is largely overlooked and alarming.As part of the endeavour to create spaces for youth in the Indian political arena, ISBF Student Council decided to call their fest Xenia Awaaz 2014 – the voice of the youth. ISBF had the privilege to play host to our guest of honour Dr. Subramanian Swamy who officially declared Xenia open on Friday, January 24th 2014. Dr. Swamy, is an Indian academician, politician, activist and economist. He holds a Ph.D in Economics from Harvard University. He was the Assistant Economics Affairs Officer at the United Nations Secretariat. In addition to that, he was a member of parliament for five terms and the cabinet minister of commerce, law and justice. He was the Chairman of Commission of labour standards and international trade. Currently, he is the Chairman of Centre for National Renaissance. Dr. Swamy echoed in his speech that it is absolutely imperative for the youth to participate in democracy all year around if they want a change in the existing systems and stressed on the need to incorporate that change at the grass root level. Dr. Swamy was kind enough to leave a message on the board that read: “Defend your nation with all your might and intelligence”. He urged to take risk, be courageous and do not give up even if you fall flat on face.

Xenia Nirbhaya 2013 – A Rising

In a tribute to the Delhi gang-rape victim, ISBF Student Council, decided to call their fest ‘Nirbhaya Xenia 2013 – a rising’. Nirbhaya (fearless) was the pseudonym given to the victim to hide her actual identity. The incident had citizens throng the streets and fight for Nirbhaya. Even the existing rape laws were appended. Through the fest students urged all citizens not to give up the fight for change. In fact the fest itinerary also included side events by the name of “Fearless Events”.

Xenia 2012

ISBF’s Xenia-2012- an extravaganza by the students, for the students !

Hosted on 27th January 2012, Xenia – ISBF’s annual cultural fest was brimming with competitions ranging from literary and fine arts to popular shows. Xenia saw the ISBF campus turning into a veritable kaleidoscope of people not only competing but also enjoying themselves in various events. The event was marked by participation from the best colleges of Delhi University and other prestigious institutions across the country.

The event showcased organisational and entrepreneurial talent of ISBF students.

Xenia 2010

The highlight of the year is ISBF’s Annual Fest – ‘Xenia’ – an initiative by the students, for the students and with the students. Xenia gives students an opportunity to become team players, leaders and even entrepreneurs planning for a successful event. The Super success story of Xenia 2009, marked by active participation by the best DU colleges – LSR, St. Stephans, HansRaj, Hindu, IIT; organizing complete sponsorships and putting the whole show together.