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Peer Teaching

Peer Teaching

Campus Life

Peer Review Teaching (PRT)

The PRT is focused on providing academic help to the students at ISBF. Students understand concepts at their own pace, and some might lag behind the rest of the class when it comes to certain topics. Teachers and students who are well versed in a particular subject can volunteer their time to help their peers review and clarify these topics. The educators are passionate about sharing their knowledge, bringing up relatable examples and illustrations that help students understand various concepts. Students who have command over a subject and would like to volunteer as educators for PRT are accepted on the basis of faculty recommendations. PRT looks for students who are patient and have strong communication skills, which would help them effectively communicate their learnings to their peers. Student educators are paid a stipend at the end of the academic year, based on the number of hours they have invested in PRT.

PRT in Action