The Power of Why Challenge 2020-2021

The Power of Why Challenge 2020-2021

The Power of Why Challenge 2020-2021


Stemming from the motto of the London School of Economics and Political Science- rerum cognoscere causas (to understand the causes of things) – ISBF’s The Power of Why Challenge 2020-2021 – is an enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning that motivates students to challenge the status quo and question the fundamental assumptions about concepts, issues and phenomena that are typically taken for granted.

At ISBF, we believe in employing “The Power of Why Challenge 2020-2021” to understand concepts from the world of economics, management and finance.

What is The Power of Why Challenge?

The previous editions of The Power of Why Challenge, which took place in late 2019 and mid-2020, saw an overwhelming response from schools and students all over the country. Therefore, we are delighted to announce the latest edition, The Power of Why Challenge 2020-2021!

The Challenge takes participants on an exciting journey of exploration and analysis fueled by the power of why.

There are two rounds within The Power of Why Challenge 2020-2021.

Round 1

Round 1 is about how questions bridge information asymmetry increasing the likelihood of accurate decision-making. It comprises of two Bouts:

  • Bout 1 pushes you to choose the right questions to ask in order to reach accurate conclusions about a contemporary business problem.
  • Bout 2 nudges you to synthesize multi-dimensional information towards making strategic economic and managerial decisions.

Only those challengers who prove their mettle in Round 1 would move ahead to Round 2 of the Challenge.

Round 2

Round 2 is about the might of a seemingly innocuous question, and requires each Challenger to ask one.

Challengers who reach this round are expected to:

  • Ask one question from the world of economics/management/finance along with a rationale explaining the importance of asking that question.
  • Challengers should be ready to defend their question subsequently in a face-to-face discussion with ISBF faculty members.

Why should you participate in The Power of Why Challenge 2020-2021?

  • Earn a scholarship to study LSE’s programmes at ISBF.
  • A learning journey punctuated with fundamental questions, discarded assumptions and re-evaluated opinions on things that matter.
  • Unlock your potential to analyse critically and think creatively towards making your decisions sound and accurate.

1. This Challenge is only open to students who will be completing Class XII in 2021.

2. All scholarships are with respect to the ISBF Tuition Fee.

3. Winners of this Challenge must still appear for all steps of the ISBF admission process. Winners will also be eligible to apply for other scholarships offered by ISBF.

4. You will receive the complete set of rules and regulations via email upon registering, and are advised to go through them carefully before attempting the Challenge.

5. See the ISBF website for more details on fees, scholarships and the admission process.

Registrations for POWC Edition 1 for Admissions 2021 are now closed. 

Watch this space for updates on further editions, to win scholarships to study at ISBF.