BSc (Hons) Economics & Management

BSc Economics & Management

BSc Economics & Management

BSc (Hons) Economics & Management

Programme Overview

Developed by the London School of Economics (LSE), ranked 5th and 10th in the world for Economics and Management respectively (QS 2020), the BSc (Hons) Economics & Management programme is ideal for you if you have concurrent interests in economics and business/management studies, and wish to lay a strong foundation for a career in the corporate sector.

After developing a strong base in both sets of disciplines by studying micro and macro economics, accounting, psychology, marketing, international business, human resource and mathematics/statistics, you can go on to explore elective courses in entrepreneurship, social media, e-business, business analytics, finance or advanced economics.

Taught through interactive lectures, case studies, interdisciplinary projects and presentations, this programme will train you to become a successful strategist, economist or manager in the corporate world, across the full gamut of sectors from e-commerce and electronics to fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and consulting.

Note: The Indian programme most closely comparable with the BSc (Honours) Economics & Management (E&M) programme is BA (Honours) Business Economics, or Bachelor of Business Economics (BBE). The comparison is a loose one, however, since the rigour of E&M far exceeds that of the BBE, as E&M is a global top 10 ranked programme. Since it receives academic direction from LSE, E&M follows its nomenclature too.  

First Year
CourseLSE Course AuthorCourse Information Sheet
Business & Management in a Global ContextL.P. WillcocksPDF Link
Introduction to EconomicsO. Birchall with D. Verry and M. BrayPDF Link
Principles of AccountingD. LeiwyPDF Link
Mathematics 1 M. AnthonyPDF Link
Statistics 1J.S. AbdeyPDF Link
Second Year
CourseLSE Course AuthorCourse Information Sheet
Core Management ConceptsP. WillmanPDF Link
MicroeconomicsA. DaripaPDF Link
MacroeconomicsV. Polito with C. BrendonPDF Link
Electives – from courses being offered
Third Year
CourseLSE Course AuthorCourse Information Sheet
Electives – from courses being offered
Electives – from courses being offered
Electives – from courses being offered

Electives – from courses being offered

Popular electives include Entrepreneurship (PDF Link), Management and Innovation of e-business (PDF Link), Business Analytics, Applied Modelling and Prediction (PDF Link), Marketing Management (PDF Link), Management and Social Media (PDF Link), Elements of Social and Applied Psychology (PDF Link), Human Resource Management (PDF Link), Organisation Theory: An Interdisciplinary Approach (PDF Link), International Economics (PDF Link), Monetary Economics (PDF Link), Financial Management (PDF Link), Asset Pricing and Financial Markets (PDF Link), Principles of Corporate Finance (PDF Link), and other Management, Finance and Economics courses offered.

The academic session for this programme will start with two weeks of Foundation Courses in Accounting, Writing Skills and Applied Mathematics.

To pursue this programme, you must have studied Mathematics up to Class X. There is no other stream or subject-related eligibility criterion. Having studied Business / Management / Economics in Class XII, or having pursued the Commerce stream, is not necessary.

You are a good fit for this programme if:

  • You enjoy learning analytically and apply the knowledge that you gain to solve problems
  • You like the qualitative aspects of Economics, but not so much the quantitative ones
  • You wish to pursue an MBA and make a career in the corporate sector
  • You wish to further hone your already strong communication and analytical skills in order to become a successful entrepreneur or manager

Postgraduate study

If you perform well on this programme, your London School of Economics education and University of London degree will open up many bright postgraduate study prospects. Right after graduating, you could go on to a qualitative Economics Master’s programme, such as in Economics and Management, Behavioural Economics or Economics and Psychology, or to a Master’s in Management, in Management and Strategy or in Management and Digital Innovation, at the world’s leading institutions, or progress to a prestigious Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme in India. Alternatively, you could work for some time and still utilise the pedigree of your undergraduate academic background to get into a top-notch MBA programme overseas.


The Economics and Management programme will equip you with the rare combination of strong communication and analytical skills, making you a great fit for a very wide range of roles, especially those in the corporate sector. These will not only help you hit the ground running, but also chart a steep career trajectory in the world of work. Here are some of the leading sectors you can hope to work in.

Management Research (Corporate or Academic)




Business Analytics

Market Research


Digital Marketing


Branding & Communications

Public Relations

Human Resources


Financial Analysis

Development Work

Business Journalism

Pranai Agarwal
BSc Economics & Management, Batch of 2011
MBA, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
Director – Strategy, Pricing & Business Planning for Product Solutions, CEMEA, Visa

The education I received at ISBF helped me validate my interest in Economics. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical approach followed towards teaching as it challenged me as an analytical individual.

Gunisha Arora
BSc (Hons) Economics & Management
Marketing and Business Development Executive, The Good Life Co.
LSE Summer School Scholarship, 2017

I had the best time of my life at ISBF. Having studied the University of London curriculum in high school I didn’t want to invest my time into something that wouldn’t justify my past learnings. I found the perfect balance of the ideal college life, immensely application-based curriculum and the best of professors. I can’t thank ISBF enough for making me the person I am today.

For more Impressions about studying BSc (Hons) Economics & Management at ISBF, click here.

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