Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses

“The best of both worlds” is how students often describe their time at ISBF. It is an opportunity to pursue an education under the academic direction of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and earn an international degree from the University of London (UoL). And it is possible to achieve all this right here in New Delhi, India. ISBF is an Affiliate Centre for the University of London (UoL). This gives our students the opportunity to explore the curriculum and access the study material and virtual learning resources developed by the faculty at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom. Examinations are set and evaluated by the educators at LSE, which means that our students achieve the exemplary levels of academic excellence that the institution is associated with.

LSE is ranked 1st in the UK and 2nd among global universities for Social Sciences and Management by the QS World University Rankings, 2019. The academic rigour and holistic approach to problem-solving that an LSE education imparts, in economics and other allied disciplines, sets our students apart in the professional arena.

At ISBF, we offer world-class education that is affordable and academically more challenging and rewarding than similar courses in most Indian Universities of repute. ISBF equips students with the skillset, the acumen and discipline to compete with peers globally.

UG Programmes

ISBF offers five programmes in undergraduate studies, in the disciplines of economics, finance, business and management. We invite students who are motivated to undertake the pursuit of excellence. Explore each of our five undergraduate courses to learn why you should consider this discipline, how the course is structured, and what are the prospects after graduation.

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An in-depth understanding of economic theories combined with real-life applications. From classical economics to modern day recessions, you will learn the nitty-gritties of how the world economy functions. You graduate with sharp analytical skills that give you an edge over your peers in any profession.

An exhaustive study of the world of finance coupled with essential economic concepts. The course hones your quantitative skills and gives you an academic grounding that makes you the top choice for a career in leading financial institutions.

The programme is ideal for those who wish to pursue a career in accountancy, consulting or in financial services. Graduates of this degree will be equipped to use accounting statements and financial information to aid in decision-making.

A unique opportunity to combine elements of economics and management. Management studies develop your quantitative and analytical abilities, while an understanding of economic theories helps you craft more nuanced solutions.

Develop your expertise across a wide range of topics, be it marketing, accounting or human resource management. Understand how companies work in an increasingly global market, and how best to manage them. If you have an entrepreneurial streak, this course will equip you with the know-how to run a business.

Campus Life

While academic excellence at ISBF is ensured by the LSE guidance and our team of highly qualified and experienced faculty, our students also work on their all-round development. With 10 active societies on campus, involved in everything from music to dramatics to community service, students have the option of engaging in a host of extra-curricular activities. From MUNs to fundraisers to hosting the annual cultural fest, Xenia, flawlessly, our students have done it all. These opportunities allow our students to experience an education that goes beyond books and moulds them into individuals with versatile talents.

Future Prospects

Undergraduate studies at ISBF throw open the doors to numerous exciting and rewarding future prospects. Our students get to choose from the most exclusive international universities for higher studies. They also bag prestigious international internships and placements.


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