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ISBF and University of London (UOL)

ISBF was established in 2006 as a Teaching Centre, or college, offering the University of London Programmes in the areas of Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Science (EMFSS). Recognition by UOL, as an Affiliate Centre since 2009, and as a Recognised Teaching Centre (RTC) under the modified framework, signifies and assures the highest standards of programme delivery and student support.

All ISBF students enrol as students of University of London. Upon doing so, they join a large international student community, obtain access to UOL’s learning resources, including its peerless Online Library, and are issued a UOL student ID card for the duration of their programmes. Upon graduating, they receive the globally renowned University of London degree/diploma award at the annual convocation in London. They also enjoy UOL alumni status and benefits for life.

About University of London

Established in 1836, University of London is one of the largest and most diverse universities in the world. It was the first university to accept students irrespective of gender, race or religion, and has earned the title ‘People’s University’ in popular culture.

UOL has 17 independent Member Institutions in London, including prestigious names such as LSE, University College London (UCL) and King’s College London. It also has 50,000 students studying towards its degree in over 180 countries around the world.

Recognition by UOL

Under the new nomenclature and single-tier recognition system adopted by UOL in 2019, ISBF is a Recognised Teaching Centre (RTC). All RTCs receive a wide range of guidance and student support services from UOL, including student welfare, career services and counselling, to name a few.

RTCs are formally recognised by UOL under the Teaching Centres Recognition Framework (TCRF), upon meeting a set of stipulated quality criteria (also see Quality Assurance below). UOL has a network of over 120 RTCs in over 60 countries across the world.

RTCs play the role of colleges in the UOL ecosystem. Since 2009, ISBF has been an Affiliate Centre of UOL. Until recently, this was the highest tier of recognition accorded by UOL, based on a stringent and ongoing audit of the quality criteria laid down by UOL.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) safeguards the standards and quality of UK higher education wherever is it delivered around the world. The Quality Code is a key reference document for effective quality assurance by all UK providers, including University of London and LSE.

Drawing upon QAA norms, the award as well as maintenance of RTC status by UOL under the TCRF depend on quality criteria which encompass compliance, academic administration, facilities, staffing, teaching and learning, student experience, quality assurance and student recruitment.

LSE provides ‘academic direction’ for UOL’s EMFSS programmes taught at ISBF. In doing so, it assures the academic standards through programme and curriculum design, setting and grading of the summative examinations and stringent norms for student and faculty recruitment.

Unique Opportunities, Awards and Prizes

Being full students of University of London, all ISBF graduates are invited to attend the UOL Convocation in London in February/March every year, along with students from 150+ other countries, in the presence of Princess Anne, Chancellor of University of London.

UOL also offers many awards and prizes for high academic achievers, and ISBF students have been disproportionately successful at bagging these over the years. Learn about ISBF’s academic achievers.

The top 5 undergraduate performers from the Indian subcontinent are given Academic Achievement Awards (also known as the 3x Country Prize), which waives their 2nd-year registration and examination fees. The best performing degree/diploma students in the year-end LSE examinations are awarded the UOL Academic Achievement Awards, which comprises a certificate and a monetary prize.

UOL also awards the Top Scorer Certificate to students who score the highest marks globally in any LSE course examination. Global toppers in programmes are also recognised, and they become eligible to receive large scholarships to study at LSE. Letters of Commendation are awarded by UOL to students who attempt three full courses and score at least 70% marks in each.

Notable Alumni of University of London

Among alumni of the University of London, not counting those of its member institutions, there have been at least 7 Nobel Prize winners along with several eminent business personalities, academicians, economists, artists, and other domain experts. Some of the leading names in this list include:

Mahatma Gandhi, National Leader

Ronald Henry Coase, Economist

Alan Walters,

D.H. Lawrence, Writer and Poet

Derek Walcott, Poet, Playwright and Nobel Prize

HG Wells,

Chinua Achebe, Poet and Novelist

Nelson Mandela, Political Leader and Philanthropist

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