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Unique Opportunities

ISBF’s peerless collaboration with UOL and LSE gives its students some very unique opportunities during their programmes, whether undergraduate or postgraduate.

Perhaps none is as coveted as the transfer into 2nd year, for undergraduate students, at prestigious universities in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. ISBF students have received 14 such transfer offers in the last 6 years from LSE alone, giving it one of the strongest transfer track records to LSE for any institution in the world.

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ISBF’s recognition as one of LSE’s top Teaching Institutions in the world also gives two of its undergraduate students the chance to attend LSE Summer School, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious, every year on full scholarship.

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To supplement the formal classroom teaching, all ISBF students enjoy access to world-class e-learning resources, in the form of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which is curated and updated entirely by LSE academicians, and the UOL Online Library, which houses over 97 million titles!

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Leveraging these resources, ISBF’s undergraduate and postgraduate students earn several UOL and LSE academic awards, prizes and scholarships every year. All those who successfully complete their programme are invited to graduate in London!

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See the video below to hear about the awards and prizes bagged by Apurva, including the prestigious LSE Summer School Scholarship! 

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