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Teaching Methodology

The academic delivery at ISBF emulates and strives to implement LSE's motto of 'rerum cognoscere causas ', which means 'to know the causes of things'. ISBF aims to engender in its students a spirit of enquiry and practical in-depth conceptual understanding.

We try to achieve this through a three-fold approach. The first is a deliberate effort to encourage students to participate actively in both lectures and seminars. The assumption is that every idea is worth its weight in gold, and with this in mind, we try to make our classroom sessions more of a discussion, engaging every student in meaningful dialogue.

The second strategy is to make students understand the importance of self-study. This is enabled by breaking down reference material and academic tasks into easily readable/achievable segments. Audio-visual components are used to complement classroom sessions and engage the learners.

The third strategy, integral to achieving the goal of in-depth understanding, is ISBF's open-door staffroom policy. Students are free to approach any lecturer at a mutually suitable time to seek answers/explanations/clarifications to course material on an ongoing basis.

ISBF students acknowledge the impact of this approach by saying that the effort made by the faculty and the guidance and support they give the students is unparalleled.


Besides this, students have access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) of the University of London. The VLE is an online repository of study materials developed by the faculty of the London School of Economics that students can access anytime to supplement their learning process. It also contains video lectures, questions from past examination, examiner commentaries, self-testing exercises and discussion forums where ISBF students can interact with peers across the world who are studying the same course. This is a great advantage for our students, as it exposes them to opinions and examples from various countries and opens new lines of thought.

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