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World Dance Day Event Report

Posted on July 23, 2020 by Blaize  | Student Speak

On 29th April 2020, the world celebrated World Dance Day to promote art and culture, to raise awareness among the public regarding the art of dance. To commemorate this event, the dance society of our college, Blaize, conducted our first ever event online on our Instagram page. The event required students to send short videos of a choreography of their choice, which we posted on our Blaize Instagram story. This event received participation from alumni as well as current ISBF students. Due to the current situation in regard to COVID-19 we were unable to celebrate World Dance Day like we had originally planned, however the online event was a huge success and the amount of love showered from not just ISBF students but renowned choreographers, dancers and public was extremely heart-warming. A special dance series was prepared and showcased by the core Blaize team. It was posted on the Blaize Instagram page covering a wide range of dance styles such as contemporary, Indian classic, hip hop etc. which has officially crossed more than 2900+ views and has reached 2400+ people. Additionally, our content was reposted by renowned choreographers which instilled a sense of content and satisfaction amongst the passionate artists in the team. This was a new experience and we cannot wait to make the most out of it in the upcoming events.