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Stress Buster Event - Event Report

Posted on July 23, 2020 by Events Team  | Student Speak

With exams coming by, stress is always that unwanted plus one that comes along with it. Events Society could not let the environment be tensed anymore and came along to lighten it up with a combination of motivation and fun. It came to the rescue by organizing an entertaining quiz about ISBF and hosted on Instagram. This consisted of exciting questions regarding our favorite subjects, lively and lovely teachers, and our cozy college such as ‘Which teacher says this dialogue?’ or ‘Which subject makes us worry about the demand and supply of the economy?’ or ‘What is our favorite spot in ISBF?’ This interesting quiz gained a lot of love and support from our fellow collegemates, seniors, and other people who follow the student council page on Instagram. This ended the fun quiz with encouragement in the air. The feedback we received was heartwarming and with this, we hope that now everyone has new energy and a relaxed and fresh mind to study with. We were successful in yet conducting another event online, and have scope for much more. The event took place on 3rd June 2020.