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Round Table Conference

Posted on October 03, 2020 by Career Placement Cell  | Student Speak | Event Report

A colloquium for societies to share views about careers beyond corporates and cubicles! The aim of the conference was to make everyone aware of the endless possibilities that lie ahead of us and also give the students a sneak peek into what the Student-Council has planned for them

What better way to kick-off the session than having the President address the motion in her unorthodox way. The world is experiencing an orbit shifting change in all unconventional fields of sports, art, fashion, cinematography due to availability of apps like ScoutMe, Instagram and VSCO through which more and more talents are being recognised and appreciated. All fields are now beyond just the stereotyped work profiles but have such diverse options that it is actually serving as a motivation for people to pursue it.

MUN and Debating Cell
Everybody after this fruitful session believes that MUNs are not just to sound fancy and get a vocabulary, rather it serves us a platform to think critically and come up with creative solutions to complex problems around the world. The digital age is breaking the tradition of offices and cubicles and through Toastmasters International and various other programmes the society wants to build confidence to face the new challenges.

All the puzzle geeks, now you can actually do what you love for a living!! Mihir explains how Quiz Consultancy firms like Quizz Works assists in expanding their customer base through quizzes by working closely with media hubs and marketing agencies. And Akademos has so much in store from Soap Box to literary Club, to give everybody the opportunity to use logic to come to answers while having fun!

Dance is an art where you can choose from over 200 plus dance forms to express yourself. You don’t have to be good at it, you just have to enjoy it! And Blaize believes in growing together, which is why the Sacred Circle promotes body positivity and inner self-healing. And if you’re into Dance and Drama, Talaash is the online musical initiative by Blaize which will give you the goosebumps.

As long as humans are alive, music won’t die. It has a plethora of genres that are still untapped and a lot of potential still undiscovered. Tech and music together is the future of the music industry.
TRIN will invite musicians to talk about their journeys and explore the wide pool of music creating industry, and if this does not awe you, we don’t know what will.

Career Placement Cell
Work from home culture has blurred the line between professional and personal, says Ansh. And to step in this new normal game, companies are looking to economise as much as possible. While there is still a lot of uncertainty, the CPC is ready with their placement module, securing internships for freshers and even bringing more firms beyond the geographical lines of India.

Be it visual arts, performing arts, culinary or industrial design, Artefactory is bringing online resource-based communication from across the world for all art lovers. Exploring digital art fields to planning stress buster zone to their brand new newsletter to talk about all forms of arts, because after all it’s the creativity that is important and not the skill.