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Never Have I Ever Bingo - Event Report

Posted on July 23, 2020 by Events Team  | Student Speak

With the never-ending exam stress and tension, all of us have dealt with the Lockdown situation very patiently and bravely. To remind everyone that we are all in this together and to bring a smile on all our faces, Events Society came up with a Never Have I Ever Bingo- Lockdown Edition. The event took place on 11th July 2020 on the Event Team’s Instagram page. It was intended to be played like bingo with many relatable factors and was not just limited to ISBF students. Our participants included the ISBF faculty, students as well as students of other colleges. The Bingo consisted of many interesting questions including never have I ever binged watched series, never have I ever done household chores, and many more. We received a great response and the bingo was attempted by quite a large number of people, we received 60+ screenshots and tags from the people who did them. The Events Society is back on track with this event and hopes to conduct many more successful events.