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How Can the World Deal with North Korea

Posted on April 22, 2020 by Pranav Kakkar  | Student Speak

When a student enters university, he’s posed with a challenge to analyse the political world and choose a stance. This journey for me included a huge turmoil and even occasionally switching sides.

While Marxism often comes as a fairy tale and paints a picture of a utopian ‘ideal’ way of life, capitalism often shows us the more productive and fulfilling side. On careful analysis of the world, there is a nation that stands out as a history repeating itself, North Korea. A country that shares a close diplomatic history with China. The Kim dynasty and the supreme leader Kim Jong Un find it necessary to hold nuclear weapons to ensure the survival of its regime in North Korea.

Being a student of UOL and having been raised in a democratic nation, my heart bleeds at the plight of the North Koreans who can’t cut their hair the way they want, are struggling for food & shelter and are stuck in the inevitable class struggle of the economy, citizens who are unaware of the global village we live in. The propaganda that they are fed makes them slaves of the regime, and they are given no other option. Thinking out loud during quarantine, I thought of ways the Kim regime can come to an end.

Previously Gaddafi in Libya, and Saddam Hussein in Iran lost their regime and witnessed a downfall when the nuclear disarmament of their respective states was carried out. I think Trump’s efforts to denuclearise North Korea were essential but they involved the destruction of life and property – like engaging in a nuke war, the assassination of the Kim regime externally, or invading North Korea. However, for the intents and purposes of this piece, I thought of all methods that will keep away from war and destruction.

Perhaps one way could be to force North Korea out of its alliance with China since their majority of trade is with China. However, since that’s far fetched considering the regime in China, we have to do away with this too.

Another option could be to expose the North Korean propaganda to Koreans, to show them the kind of lives lived in other countries with less strict rules. This will bring about a revolution similar to the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany or the Arab Spring. Knowledge can’t be kept from the masses and it’s an inevitable war that the regime is fighting.

Lastly, in my opinion, being an economics student, if we manage to increase the money supply of Korean currency, by airdropping Korean wons, the economy will collapse as the value will depreciate, the Kim regime will find international support to keep away protests and ensure its survival, with treaties, maybe puppet leaders and sanctions the regime can fall and the people of North Korea can be liberated.

In an increasingly liberal world, there still exist nations where travelling internationally is seen as treason to the state. Such nations need liberation and free markets to operate to increase the living standards of these people.