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Posted on July 13, 2020 by Blaize  | Student Speak | Event Report

Dance It Out, Volume 1 was a campaign that started on 13th July and ended on 30th July. This campaign was in collaboration with Dance out of Poverty, A NGO that provides free dance education to students who cannot afford it.

The aim of this campaign was to create a platform for dreamers and dancers to come together, bound by the same passion. The response received was so encouraging and beyond satisfaction. The 9 panelists specialise in their own unique forms and are trained artists & choreographers. It was a heartwarming experience to see students and dancers come together from across the world.

Here is a breakdown for each workshop:

  1. Aditya Manjrekar- 13th July: 62 registrations
  2. Nikha Rathore- 15th July: 66 registrations
  3. Vanya Bahl- 17th July: 84 registrations
  4. Roshini Nair- 19th July: 121 registrations
  5. Atul Aanjana- 22nd July: 120 registrations
  6. Vedika Agarwal- 25th July: 205 Registrations
  7. Kunaal Sangtani- 26th July: 100 registrations
  8. Tanish Sharma- 28th July: 110 registrations
  9. Vinita Hazari- 20th July: 133 registrations

Total 1001 registrations.