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Cards Against Humanity

Posted on October 14, 2020 by ISBF Media Hub  | Student Speak

IMH kicked off its ECA activities this year by organising an hour and half long event, where members of the ISBF student body gathered together to Play Cards Against Humanity online. Cards Against Humanity is a dark humour game (similar to Pysch! and Apples to Apples) where every round a ‘white card’ would have a certain situation/scenario and the players have to play one or several of their ‘black cards’ that fit the white card in the funniest way possible. A judge will choose which card was the funniest and the winner gets a point.

We did not have any cash prize for this event, as we strongly believe in getting participation in ECA activities without financial incentives. We are proud to announce that 25 people participated in the event including two IMH office bearers, despite being held outside college working ours. We received enthusiastic participation and positive feedback; hence will be looking to repeat this event in the future, perhaps in a tournament style.

Furthermore, Cards Against Humanity as an event was conducted to re-brand our image of being “just talk” and “overly sentimental”. This year we want to encourage all forms of expression, including dark humour. By the very nature of the game and event, we did warn all participants that the game could get into the depths of offensive or incorrect humour at times, and we ensured the rules of the IMH safe space were intact and not violated at any point in time during the event.

It was difficult for us to take photos and video of the event as the game was played online and all of us were using a discord voice channel to communicate throughout.