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Posted on October 08, 2020 by Sports Society  | Student Speak | Event Report

The Sports Society organized the very first edition of the Among Us Tournament. This was a two-day event. The prelims were conducted on 8th of October followed by the finals on 9th of October. Although the sports society mostly focuses on physical sports like football and billiards, amidst the pandemic we got a chance to explore esports gaming.

The ISBF Sports Society is known for its rich ECA culture and thereby we had a long list of events planned out. But during these uncertain times and with everyone back at their homes, we couldn’t execute the planned events. Just like other societies, this didn’t stop us, we laid down a new plan and this tournament was one of them. Considering how trendy this co-op game ‘Among Us” was, we decided to organize an event out of it.

This was our first event in the AY 20-21 and we wanted it to be a successful one. We recorded the highest number of participants from the first-years. A total of 25 players participated out of which we had 2 winners with the same score. The joint winners were Aaron Jensen and Colin Chandra.

We conducted this event on Discord. This game challenges a lot of our interpersonal skills like, negotiation, teamwork, and analyzing skills. To have this first-time experience, the office-bearers participated too. The entire event went on smoothly and all the participants appreciated this concept. Since all of us are stuck at our homes, this event helped us to connect with each other.