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Alumni Speaks: Rohit Thareja, Class of 2016

Posted on November 01, 2019 by Rohit Thareja  | Archives | Student Speak


Hi! Welcome to ISBF Alumni Speak. After having completed the Graduate Diploma, Rohit has managed to secure an opportunity to work with HSBC New York as a Credit Analyst. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I am an undergrad from Amity International Business School. I did my Bachelors in International Business from there, post that I started working. I worked with Great East (not sure what he said) as a Financial Planner for 6 months. Post that I shifted jobs and went more into business operations role. I worked as a Finance and Operations Executive with GSP Group. That is when I was looking for opportunities to excel my career in a different direction and I had this sort of interest in investment banking for about 3-4 year before that. I wasn’t able to crack the formula of getting there at that point of time. When I came across the curriculum from LSE and ISBF, I decided - it was about January/February 2015 I started looking at the course. Then I just couldn’t find the right time to begin with it, so I started with that in 2016 and completed the year here at ISBF. From there I was led to this opportunity I have been looking for the past 5 years. Securing an opportunity to work with one of the top investment banks that too at their headquarters is definitely a rare and exciting thing. How do you feel at this stage and what were your expectations from the year to come? Excited, to say the least. It’s kind of a mixed feeling scenario at this point of time, I am probably a lot more scared than I am excited because I don’t know how I’d cope up with the work, the expectations. Expect to develop a perspective, a holistic perspective about the world, not just about a particular division. If I can bring that back home with me, I will consider it an achievement. Can you take us through the role at HSBC? What are the functions that you are expected to perform as a Credit Trading Analyst? The primary function is to underwrite and trade date. Apart from that I will be preparing panel account statements for various positions that the company might have in the department. I will be preparing management reports and evaluation of credit derivatives and risk on the overall side. I will be doing all of that alongside a live trading desk. I am not sure how that experience is, I have never been there but it should be lively and exciting.