Industry visit to World Bank

Industry visit to World Bank

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  • Industry visit to World Bank Industry Visit

    Industry visit to World Bank

    Students Experiences on world bank visit

    World Bank, being one of the international financial institutions providing loans to developing countries for capital programs is one of the world’s largest sources of development assistance comprising of institutions like: the International Bank for  Reconstruction and Development(IBRD) and the International Development Association(IDA).

    I express my humble gratitude to the Career Service Division of the College for organising this Industrial Visit to the World  Bank situated at Lodhi road, New Delhi. It was amongst the most knowledgeable and the best trips of all for all the students since World Bank holds central importance in the field of Economics and Finance. It is the source of financial resources, the optimal allocation of which lies at the heart of this subject.

    The trip was organised on the 14th Of December, 2015. We departed for the venue after assembling at the college premises. We were directed to wear formals to make us fell disciplined and reflect the professionalism. After a short session of capturing some wonderful moments on the camera, we got a very warm welcome when we entered the premises.

    From artistically decorated interiors to the polite and cooperative staff, it suffices all. The staff was courteous and attentive to all our needs. We were made to sit in the conference room and the members delivered the presentation about the evolution and functioning of the World Bank. We all thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. The presentation was a deep ocean of knowledge and left a powerful impact on all of us.

    And last but not the least, in the very end, it was followed by a query session wherein all the questions were answered with patience to utmost satisfaction. I feel very grateful to Ms. Geeta Mittal (Head of CSD) for believing in us and giving us the opportunity to explore around the facts of World Bank. The day will be cherished forever and looking forward to more and more informational and illuminating Industrial Visits like these.



    Ms Priya Misha

    Vice President-Iconnect Society

    DFG  Batch 2015-16