Corporate Interactions

Corporate Interactions


Corporate Interactions

Global markets are rapidly changing, and students need to stay abreast with these changing realities. The Career Services Division (CSD) ensures that our students regularly interact with industry experts and gain practical knowledge and exposure. This also helps them stay attuned to current industry trends and requirements. ISBF invites seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs to talk about the industry, emerging trends, new opportunities and career options. Our students make the most of these opportunities, closely interacting with guests and learning from their experiences. Students are also encouraged to participate in economic summits, talks and seminars. ISBF organises various industry visits for students to gain a first-hand understanding of the operations, processes and challenges at some of these organisations. Our students can thus supplement their learning beyond the classroom, and learn about industry best practices.

Here is a list of ongoing corporate interactions organised by ISBF:

  • Industry visit to World Bank Industry Visit

    Industry visit to World Bank

    Students Experiences on world bank visit

    World Bank, being one of the international financial institutions providing loans to developing countries for capital programs is one of the world’s largest sources of development assistance comprising of institutions like: the International Bank for  Reconstruction and Development(IBRD) and the International Development Association(IDA). Read More
  • Surabhi Dewra Guest Lecture

    Surabhi DewraFounder & CEO at CareerGuide.com

    Being An Entrepreneur

    Ms Surabhi Dewra was invited for an interactive session with students on the topic " Being An Entrepreneur". She also spoke about the diversified Career Opportunities available to the students after they graduate.Ms. Dewra put forward her personal work philosophies, a few central ones being 'Never eat alone and 'You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with'. She then promptly opened the floor foraudience questions as well, sparking a highly positive response from the students assembled there. The questions subsequently asked ranged from topics such as Surabhi's chief mentor when starting up and to personal career advice. It was very informative session. Read More
  • Mr Arun Rawal Guest Lecture

    Mr Arun RawalVice President, Reliance Industries

    Developing Future Managers

    ISBF played host to Mr. Arun Rawal, Vice-President, Reliance on Wednesday, the 18th of November. He was invited for a session with our DFG and UG students where he spoke about the various ingredients of success in Corporate World. He quoted examples from his experiences in Reliance. He also spoke about the rising relevance of China in Today's world Economy. The students were enthralled by his knowledge and experiences. Read More
  • Mr Himanshu Pandey Guest Lecture

    Mr Himanshu PandeyNational Business Head, Outlook Group

    Developing Future Managers

    Mr. Pandey spoke on ”Developing Future Managers” on 16th July ‘12.He had given insights of business generation and operations .He showed the success path for MBA students.He highlighted the role of an ardent employee in an organization Read More
  • Mr. Vivek Aggarwal Guest Lecture

    Mr. Vivek AggarwalRegional Manager,ICICI Securities Ltd

    Opportunities In BFSI Sector

    Mr Vivek Aggrawal  spoke on “Opportunities in BFSI  Sector” on 16th July’2012.He  shared the information on Finance, Equity Investment and planning bonds . He guided the students on the growth prospects in BFSI sector.He got an amazing response from the students . It was a very interactive session. Read More
  • Ms.Tarandeep Guest Lecture

    Ms.TarandeepHead-Marketing & Corporate Communication, Jaypee Hotels

    Industry Expectations from freshers

    Ms  Tarandeep spoke on  “Industry Expectations from freshers” .She shared her success story of 16 years of  Corporate journey  with students. She is currently spearheading multiple  projects at Jaypee Group in her current assignment. She also spoke about the skills required in hospitality Industry. Overall, the session was motivating & educative. Read More
  • Industry Visit to National Stock Exchange Industry Visit

    Industry Visit to National Stock Exchange

    Key Learning from Visit

    In a new opportunity to enhance student's knowledge about the working of stock markets, Career Services Division, ISBF organized a visit to National Stock Exchange in New Delhi on 26th November, 2014. A group of first year and second year students, accompanied by Ms. Geeta Mittal, Head CSD visited National Stock Exchange (NSE) located at Parliament Street, New Delhi to attend a seminar on stock markets.

     Read More