Skill Development

Skill Development


Skill Development

Employers today are looking to hire graduates who are not merely focused on doing the job, but also committed to bring in innovations that enable the organisation. There is more to being recruited by a top company than just being technically qualified for the position. Students need to know how to multi- task and work with a team, have the tact to deal with their co-workers, and know how to hold their own in a fast changing, competitive environment. It is a combination of academic excellence and professionalism that is required to transition from the college to the corporate environment. ISBF encourages students to join a workplace that is best suited to their knowledge, skills, personality and aspirations. ISBF helps students identify their strengths and guides them in determining their desired professional profile.


At ISBF, we have processes in place to help our students achieve their career aspirations. Our Career Services Division (CSD) helps students identify the right career options, and works to equip them with communication skills, interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. Some of the workshops that we hold for our students to help them develop these skill sets include:

As the first step of the placement process at ISBF, we help students identify their aptitudes, interests, values and aspirations. This knowledge enables them to identify the career opportunities that they want to pursue. The workshops aid students in evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. Students are encouraged to seek insights and suggestions from their faculty and peers on ways to constantly improve themselves.

ISBF students receive individual guidance when it comes to choosing the right career path. The CSD offers counselling to help map students’ competencies to suitable career possibilities. Students can have a session with:

  • Career advisors from different domains
  • Student/peer advisors
  • Alumni

This helps them gain an understanding of the various professional opportunities available in the industry.

The CSD conducts resume and cover letter development workshops for students. They learn to identify their strengths, skills and accomplishments, along with ways to effectively showcase them in their résumés. Students learn how to use the appropriate action verbs to highlight their internships/work experience. These workshops enable our students to build résumés that distinguish them from the competition.

These workshops are designed to help students develop key competencies that recruiters look for during the placement process. Some of our regular workshops include:

  • Excel Workshops: Being able to skilfully use Microsoft Excel has been recognised as among the most crucial skills one must possess for professional roles such as Management Consultant, Research Analyst, Business Analyst, etc. The CSD organises Excel workshops to enhance the employability of our students. These workshops start with imparting basic Excel skills and progress to teaching the use of Excel features like Vlookup, Hlookup, WhatIf Formulae, etc.
  • Aptitude Tests: This is one of the first hurdles that students have to clear to be considered for the next stage of the selection process. This includes a logical ability exam, numerical problems and a basic communication test. The CSD organises several mock tests for students, which helps them perform better in the actual test.
  • Case Based Interviews and Guess Estimates: These are an essential part of the campus selection process, especially for the research and consultancy firms. It is important for students to grasp the techniques involved in solving these questions; hence, we invite experts from related domains who can help our students gain a better understanding in these areas.

The interview is an exercise in two-way communication between the recruiter and the student, and each attempts to “sell” to the other. The recruiter “sells” the job and his/her company, while the student “sells” himself or herself as the person best suited to fill it. The key to doing well in an interview is to prepare well, and the CSD helps students by offering interview training services like:

  • Mock interviews
  • Group discussions
  • Organisation-specific preparatory workshops

These enable our students to get a preview of possible questions, construct well-reasoned answers, and learn to perform well under pressure.

Right from finding the correct career path, to building a resume, to cracking the interview, we prepare our students for every step of the placement process. We believe in moulding bright students to be the best minds in the industry, as well as confident individuals capable of influencing positive transformations in their organisations.