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ISBF recently completed 15 years of academic delivery and intensive training in the best practices of classroom instruction under the watchful and nurturing eyes of the LSE. Consequently, we felt this is THE time and opportunity to disseminate some of these best practices down to our last stakeholder. And that is YOU, dear reader.

Using this expertise, The Inquirer attempts to understand real-world concerns addressed from multiple academic perspectives. Along the way, you’ll discover achievements of ISBF’s students, of an academic and professional nature.

The Inquirer embodies the spirit of inquiry that we, at ISBF, have imbibed from the London School of Economics and Political Science. And appropriately, we include a quiz on a variety of themes linked to the world of Economics, Finance and Management.

This spirit of inquiry is all we ask of you,, wherever you are.

Volume 6

Issue 1, February 2022

Volume 5

Issue 3, September 2021

Issue 2, June 2021

Issue 1, February 2021

Volume 4

Issue 1, September 2020

Volume 3

Issue 3, September 2019

Issue 2, May 2019

Issue 1, February 2019

Volume 2

Issue 4, October 2018

Issue 3, July 2018

Issue 2, April 2018

Issue 1, Jan 2018

Volume 1

Issue 3, October 2017

Issue 2, August 2017

Issue 1, June 2017

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