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Teachers’ Day Celebration

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Teachers’ Day Celebration

  • Date September 5, 2016

Teaching is the noblest profession. Every teacher shall manifest genuine enthusiasm and pride in teaching as a noble calling.
It was a day of delight for the teachers to see the talents of their students performing various shows and exhibiting their talents on the 5th of September at the ISBF Cafeteria! It Kick-started with an enlightenment of the importance of teachers with a poem by Vignesh, followed by successive musical notes sung by Arpita and Shailja from the DFG and UG respectively, which still resounds in every ISBFian’s ears. A polemical allusive imitation of “Om Jai jagadish hare” expressing student life problems in college led by Tushaar amused the teachers for they knew the fun fact. How well do you know your TEACHERS?! “Do this for HW” “This is LSE, not lala college!” got the students to ‘Guess who?’ the teachers are! Every single person bawling the names of different teachers and getting them right! What might spirits! Music on. Parcel moves. Stops. Every teacher exhibited their own talent and entertained the whole lot in the game of Passing the parcel. In lieu, they were rewarded with a beautiful certificate of appreciation! The MENTALIST, Arjun Guru, as usual baffled one and all with his magic tricks. Could a pair of spectacles lying horizontal stand on its own? Mysterious right!? His fantabulous performance was inexplicable!
The freshers then with their ‘kaala chasma,’ danced and got everyone lifted in high spirits! The teachers were then taken to a room to watch a video compiled by their students. One could tell by the smiles on their faces how much they appreciated it.

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