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  • Date November 4, 2016

Three committees,two days,one landmark event;  yes we are talking about the ISBF MODEL UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE 2016. The flashy shindig kicked off on the dawn of 4th November, many delegates braved the prodigious pollution levels and came a long way from reputed educational institutions in and around Delhi. The three committees that formed a part of the MUN were the UNHRC (United Nations Human Right Committee), the Indo-Pak Special Stakeholders meet and UNNGO (United Nations NGOs Committee), all the delegates were informed about the agendas of each of the respective committees and came armed to the teeth with a arguments ad farraginous facts and figures, after a brief opening ceremony the delegates and the executive board members were ushered into their respective conference halls for what would be an exceptionally stimulating battle of wits. Each committee had four sessions of fructuous confabulation to arrive at a conclusion, whether they arrived or not at one is the subject of another debate,

The whole event was the product of three months of relentless toil and moil of the ISBF MUN society and associated volunteers, they did a fantastic job of ensuring nothing was amiss and everything was to a t,  the conference staff who worked tirelessly throughout the entirety of the event to ensure the smooth conduct of conferences and debates also deserve a pat on the back. Apart from the committees another focal point of the event was the International Press(IP) whose members worked overtime to come up with two thought provoking newsletters encapsulating the proceedings of both the days, The participants of the MUN had a whale of a time as they got the opportunity to broaden their horizons and the range of their acquaintances, All good things must come to an end and  the MUN concluded on the eve of 5th November with a handful of musical numbers and the distribution of prizes. The event was a great success and another feather to the cap of the ISBF Events Society 

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