Lee-Anne Sequeria, Academic Developer from The London School of Economics, Conducts a Teachers’ Training Session at The Heritage School, Gurgaon

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Lee-Anne Sequeria, Academic Developer from The London School of Economics, Conducts a Teachers’ Training Session at The Heritage School, Gurgaon

  • Date August 21, 2019

New Delhi, August 21, 2019: Lee-Ann Sequeira, an academic developer at LSE’s Teaching-Learning Centre, who works closely with Economics, Finance, and Management (EMF) academics, visited the Indian School of Business and Finance, New Delhi, from July 22, 2019, to July 24, 2019. She led three days of intensive discussion and left faculty members and academics at ISBF that much more stimulated shortly before the beginning of the new academic session culminating her visit with a successful teachers’ training session on ‘Redesigning Teaching and Assessment Practices to Improve Student Learning’ at the Heritage Xperiential Learning School (Gurugram) on 25th July 2019.

A Recognised Teaching Centre of the University of London in India, Indian School of Business & Finance has been working towards more conscientious academic delivery since 2006. In the interest of sharing pedagogical tools and innovations through international collaboration, a resource person from LSE’s Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) visits ISBF every year and runs a training programme for all faculty members.

The training sessions focused on two large themes – reflection and active learning. Additionally, there were multiple small group break-away sessions to facilitate discussions on teaching challenges, and conversations specific to the courses taught by individual faculty members.

The first day of the training began with the stages of learning, and learning styles categorised by depth. These discussions employed several large group teaching techniques such as think, pair, share and entry and exit tickets, and thus, spoke their utility in a classroom setting. As the topic of discussion shifted to active learning, the session buzzed with learning activities with faculty members trying to calibrate to function as learners and use innovative teaching tools to make students more involved, and consequently, deeper learners.

The second day focused on developing a reflective practice which makes room for student variance but also exploits similarities across students to enhance learning while the third day focused on diversification of assessments – could quizzes, presentations, live projects and the like replace examinations? Could these enhance student learning in more meaningful, and sustainable ways? Much like the previous day, more philosophical discussions were followed by breakaway activities in smaller, more focused groups.

The training sessions lived up to their promise of being a forum for simulated academic discussion and collaboration. It also increased exposure to evidently useful teaching tools, and thus, should make classrooms that much more interactive, involved, and effective.

About ISBF

ISBF is one of the select few Featured Teaching Institutions of LSE in the world, and also enjoys University of London’s Affiliate Centre status, the highest recognition accorded to teaching institutions by the university. This ensures that ISBF students receive a rigorous, application-oriented and global education, which is relevant to local needs. Many of them transfer to foreign universities in second year of undergraduate study, go on to prestigious institutions for higher study, or secure placements in India or overseas with leading multinational corporations.

ISBF was founded in 2006 with the vision of delivering world‐class education in India. Its Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes – in the areas of Economics, Finance, Business, Accounting and Management – all receive academic direction from LSE, and students receive a University of London degree upon graduating. They are taught by an expert and highly qualified group of faculty members at ISBF, and also see deep engagement from LSE academicians, who train ISBF’s teachers as well as lecture students, apart from setting and grading the final examinations of ISBF students.

For further information, you can visit – https://www.isbf.edu.in/

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