ISBF Students Attend Experiential Learning UoL-LSE Bootcamp at Bombay Stock Exchange

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ISBF Students Attend Experiential Learning UoL-LSE Bootcamp at Bombay Stock Exchange

  • Date October 31, 2018
Bootcamp at the BSE

Mumbai, October 31, 2018: The University of London (UoL), in partnership with The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), organised a two-day Bootcamp at the BSE on 29th and 30th October, 2018. Through this bootcammp, students were given the opportunity to experience live trading and gain real-world exposure to professional finance, and also develop skills that will help advance their careers. This is the second year that UoL and LSE have collaborated with BSE to organise a Bootcamp for their students in India, 60% of whom were from the Indian School of Business & Finance (ISBF). Joanne Harris, Associate Director – Student Experience, UoL, was in Mumbai for the Bootcamp.

In an interview about how this event, including the application process, prepares students for the job market, Joanne Harris said, “Ambitious students apply for one of 20 free spaces at the BSE Bootcamp, which, due to the prestige of the opportunity, means submitting an excellent written application and CV in order to stand out amongst the many applications we receive. This mirrors the highly competitive recruitment processes one would partake in when applying for roles in the real job-market, where positions are often grossly over-subscribed. Working together with the LSE and the Career’s Group, applications are longlisted and then shortlisted until finally, the top 20 students, who will have demonstrated strong motivation, interest and written skills, are selected to attend the BSE Bootcamp. With the support of our Recognised Teaching Centres in India, we are then able to ensure a smooth on-boarding process.”

Tia Sachdeva, an undergraduate student pursuing BSc in Economics and Management at ISBF, who attended the Bootcamp said, “The program undertaken by the University of London that I attended through ISBF was a very fruitful experience that gave me a 360° view of how the stock market works on a day-to-day basis.”

Of the 20 students selected by UoL and LSE, 12 were from ISBF, New Delhi. ISBF has been an Affiliate Centre of UoL (the highest recognition category of Teaching Centres) for nine years, offering degree and diploma programmes in Economics, Finance, Business, Accounting, Management, and most recently, Data Science.

Under the experiential learning methodology, the BSE Institute Ltd provided students on-site training in the form of eight, one-and-a-half hour lectures. These ranged from theoretical lessons, including Basics of Analysis of the Economy, and Industry and Company, to a mock stimulation of trading in the BOLT Terminal, giving them a thrilling primer in how to trade and invests in stocks, including live trading in the markets. The students also learned how BSE has come to have the fastest trading speed (around six microseconds), and what the crucial difference is between an investor and a trader. In addition, students were also offered insightful tips around portfolio diversification and management.

As mentioned by Joanne Harris, the selection process mirrored a real-world job application process. The students’ applications were also evaluated at director and academic level at the LSE, and the top 20 students were shortlisted. This, together with the eventual experience for selected students over the two days at BSE, gave them an invaluable opportunity for hands-on learning about the financial markets.

About Indian School of Business & Finance (ISBF)
ISBF was founded in 2006 with the vision of delivering world‐class education in India. Its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes – in the areas of Economics, Finance, Business, Accounting and Management – all receive academic direction from LSE, and students receive a University of London degree upon graduating. They are taught by an expert and highly qualified group of faculty members at ISBF, and also see deep engagement from LSE academicians, who train ISBF’s teachers as well as lecture students, apart from setting and grading the final examinations of ISBF students. Today, ISBF is one of the select few Featured Teaching Institutions of LSE in the world, and also enjoys University of London’s Affiliate Centre status, the highest recognition accorded to Teaching Centres by the university. This ensures that ISBF students receive a rigorous, application-oriented and global education, which is relevant to local needs. Many of them transfer to foreign universities in second year of undergraduate study, go on to prestigious institutions for higher study, or secure placements in India or overseas with leading multinational corporations.

For further information, you can visit – https://www.isbf.edu.in/

For more details related to UoL-LSE BSE Bootcamp, you can visit- https://london.ac.uk/opening-doors-bombay-stock-exchange

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