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I-Treat| Official Annual Food Festival

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I-Treat| Official Annual Food Festival

  • Date September 26, 2013

Our official annual food festival,which was an absolute delight to the taste buds. With the red team and blue team trying their very best to outdo one another with scrumptious treats, the consumer’s stomachs were packed, there’s no doubt about that. 


The battleground was set; both the Red and Blue teams prepared to sizzle everyone’s taste buds.Indeed,I-Treat was one unforgettable event. The ground floor of ISBF was covered with food stalls; preparations for this superb event had been going on for twenty days. Both teams displayed their creative skills, a number of posters were made, each better than the previous. One could sense the hunger within both teams to win. The captains were tense, but held their confidence as the scoreboard played mind games with them. The food dazzled the crowd, kathi rolls with rumali roti, iced tea and orange juice, panipuris and chuskis . The street food of India presented at its best. Preparing for this event was not a cakewalk; as captain, my members had great expectations from me. The Red team vice-captain, Simar Kohli showed some great creative skills. Smriti Anund and Karan Bhasin got new names after the events, ‘The Kebabs Specialists’. Some of the great posters were prepared  by Snigdha Agarwal, Aditi Gupta and Tanvi Agarwal. Ananya Jain, with her great vocal skills, was able to attract many bystanders during the event. I deeply commend the members of the red team for their support and high spirits; they all exceeded my expectations in every way possible. It will always be one event that I shall never forget, and will cherish these memories till death. Finally came the time for the result, and the Red team emerged victorious with a narrow margin. The Blue team gave us a tough fight though, and honestly speaking, their stalls and preparations had instilled some sense of fear into me; the narrow margin of the scoreboard itself showed that it could have been anybody’s day, but because of a little extra work it was us who were declared winners. It was a proud moment for me that I had led the team to its victory. As a captain, it was one of the best days for me and my team members, as our efforts had been paid in full. After all, our display of marketing skills, cost reduction and management skills had paid off. At the end of the day, we all went home as winners. Whether we were Red or Blue didn’t matter, everyone had put on a great show. As a captain, it was one of the best days for me and my team members, as our efforts had been paid in full. After all, our display of marketing skills, cost reduction and anagement skills had paid off. At the end of the day, we all went home as winners. Whether we were Red or Blue didn’t matter, everyone had put on a great show.


I treat – the food festival of ISBF, one incredible event. Spirits were high the entire day, we thought we were indomitable, but the other team gave us good measure. A neck to neck competition, I- treat gave us the opportunity to work as a team, brainstorm ideas as to what our menu should be like and focus on the street food of Delhi instead of going for high cuisine, which is an important part of our lives even though it goes unnoticed. We decided to make our menu as quirky as possible, and alongside the traditional golgappas and kathi rolls, we added honey chilli potatoes and momos cooked with an Indian twist, as they are most prominent on our pavements these days. Part of our ‘entrepreneurial’ strategy was the idea of an iced tea drinking competition and the introduction of ‘platters’ which really added to our profits. Our batch really came together for this effort; the concerned and worried ‘looks’ on the faces of Raghav, Rohan, Pragya , Sanjana and Param faces made me realise how far we had come together as a team, and the sheer intensity of this competition. Instead of serving ‘pre-cooked’ food we decided to go for live counters for each of our stalls. I think we, as a team, worked beyond Sambhav’s expectations and really pulled it off well. At the end, I cannot be sad that it is over, rather glad that it happened, and even though we lost the battle, we maintained our dignity, as all of us had an amazing time organising the event. To say that it added a lot of memories to our shelf ould be an understatement. Even now, whenever I think about the fest, it rejuvenates my spirit and  me with nostalgic joy.

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