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Friends Fandom Day

  • Date August 24, 2016

Every teenager and most of the 90s populace, have at some point in time, associated themselves with the twenty two year old sitcom, ‘Friends’.It is one of the beloved sitcom of all time. Even today, most of the twenty first century kids watch this incredible soap on Netflix and other forums. On many ways, ‘Friends’ revolutionised the landscape of sitcoms and still remains on top in its genre. On 24th August 2016 ISBF Media Hub celebrate the sitcom’s on many ways profound fandom with all pomp and show!

On August 24, 2016,  IMH organised the ‘Friends Fandom Day’ to live up to the spirit of the most evergreen characters of all times – Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel , and Ross. The event was conducted on the second floor of the campus which was refurbished to match the ‘Friends’ setting. Decked up with hanging memes, pop art, and eminent dialogue bubbles, the campus was set ablaze with vibrancy, colours and the college vigor.

The students were seen hopping into the ‘Friendszone’ and were ushered to ‘Central Perk’  to contest in an all ‘friends’ quiz which saw immense participation from over 30 ‘Friends’ fanatics.  To add to this fanfest ethos, students were made to put their brains to work and solve the much knotty and quirky crossword which left the majority of the ‘Friends’ buffs out rightly flummoxed! Nonetheless, we had some very deserving winners of quiz were Akhila, Ananya and Malvika who proved their loyalty to this iconic series and rejoiced fancy cash prizes up for grabs.

The event also included a multi fandom poster sale which emerged as a big success and charmed our young aficionados. The ‘Friends’ Photo booth was also one of the star attractions of the affair. Students came in groups and clicked squad pictures, while some  posed individually with funky ‘Friends’ themed props. The IMH editors instantly added various pegged backdrops from the series and sold the soft copies to those who demanded customisation.


All in all, the event was an enormous hit amongst all those who truly know what ‘unagi’  is, and why ‘Joey doesn’t share food’!!

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