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Annual Teachers’ Symposium

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Annual Teachers’ Symposium

  • Date March 31, 2017
Annual Teachers Symposium

Indian School of Business & Finance (ISBF), New Delhi, hosted its 2nd Annual Teachers’ Symposium at the India International Centre in New Delhi. Counsellors, principals and teachers from over 40 schools attended the event, the Chief Guest for which was Dr. James Abdey, Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Dr. Jitin Chadha, Director of ISBF, opened the event with an address in which he welcomed the delegates from schools across the country, as well as Dr. Abdey.

The first session by Dr. Abdey was on career prospects after studying economics, finance, business and management. He spoke about a variety of future options available to students after undergraduate study, such as investment banking, hedge funds, actuarial sciences, statistical and mathematical modelling and data sciences, to name a few. Dr. Abdey also pointed out that since being able to make sense of complex data can help us understand the modern world better, it is now an extremely exciting time to possess quantitative skills and these are in high demand. Moreover, he highlighted new areas such as statistical computing and statistical consultancy which entail statisticians being hired to help solve a range of problems faced by companies, governments and other institutions.

Mr. Chiraag Mehta, Associate Dean of ISBF, then conducted a half-hour session on the need to alter pedagogy at the school level in order to produce learners. He emphasized the need to encourage students to ask questions, be curious, engage in debate and discussion, and for teachers to strive to inspire them. This would help produce school-leavers who are better equipped to traverse the terrain of further education both in India and in top institutions overseas.

Dr. Abdey’s second session, on best practices for teaching economics and quantitative subjects, was equally well received by the audience. Here he raised concern about a general deficiency of mathematical and statistical skills among people around the world, and why such skills are crucial in the digital age. He also delved into the need for a liberal use of real-life examples and situations while explaining seemingly dry quantitative subjects.

Finally, the floor was opened up to questions, of which there were very many. Questions ranged from the relationship between University of London, LSE and ISBF, understanding student psychology to help them learn better, and differential learning and teaching, among several others.

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