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The University of London Programmes derive contributions from two sets of faculty members – those at LSE, who provide all academic direction for the programmes, and those at ISBF, who teach the programmes.

LSE Faculty

On these programmes, LSE faculty members, who are among the world's leading researchers in the areas of Economics, Management and Finance, play the role of 'university' faculty in a standard university-college setting. They are responsible for all academic aspects of the programmes, except the teaching, viz. programme design, writing and updating the study materials and setting and grading examinations. Below you can get to know the academic leadership for these programmes at LSE, and see the full list of LSE faculty members behind the courses offered at ISBF.

Course Course Authors Course Course Authors
Asset Pricing and Financial Markets R. Payne Elements of Econometrics C. Dougherty
Auditing and Assurance R. Chandler Elements of Social and Applied Psychology J.E. Stockdale
B. Franks
C.M. Provencher
Analytics, Applied Modelling and Prediction
J. Abdey Financial Reporting J. Haslam
D. Chow
Business and Management in a Global Context L.P. Willcocks Further Mathematics for Economists M. Anthony
Core Management Concepts P. Willman Human Resource Management J. Coyle-Shapiro
K. Hoque
I. Kessler
A. Pepper
R. Richardson
L. Walker
Information Systems Management A. Cordella Machine Learning K. Kalogeropoulos
Innovating Digital Systems and Services J. Matravers
W. Venters
Macroeconomics V. Polito with C. Brendon
International Economics R. Versteeg Management Accounting A. Nayak
M. Mongiello
Introduction to Economics O. Birchall
D. Verry
M. Bray
Management and Innovation of e-business A. Cordella
S. Smithson
A. Martin
M. Shaikh
Introduction to Information Systems T. Cornford
M. Shaikh
Mathematical Economics M. Bray
R. Razin
A. Sarychev
Mathematics 1 M. Anthony Mathematics 2 M. Anthony
Microeconomics A. Daripa Principles of Corporate Finance H. Zhong
P. Frantz
R. Payne
J. Favilukis
Monetary Economics Y. Aksoy Principles of Marketing H. Ali
V. Talwar
Organisational Theory P. Abell Quantitative Finance A. Patton
Principles of Accounting D. Leiwy Statistics 1 J.S. Abdey
Principles of Banking and Finance M. Buckle
E. Beccalli
Statistics 2 J.S. Abdey
Valuation & Securities Analysis E. Beccalli P. Frantz

ISBF Faculty

ISBF faculty members comprise the 'college' faculty, their role being to teach these world-class programmes. ISBF's pedigreed faculty group hails from prestigious institutions across the world, including LSE, Cambridge, UCL, Yale, Johns Hopkins, IITs and University of Delhi. Blending their rich academic credentials with global industry exposure and peerless teacher training, they have curated ISBF's unique teaching and learning environment, which has scaffolded student success for many years and underpinned ISBF's rise to become one of the leading Teaching Institutions globally for these programmes.

  • Nilay Arun

    Nilay Arun

    Assistant Professor of Finance

  • Ms. Parul Arora

    Ms. Parul Arora

    Assistant Professor

  • Ms. Payal Sharma

    Ms. Payal Sharma

    Assistant Professor

  • Sahil Arora

    Sahil Arora

    Assistant Professor of Economics

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