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Core Council

The Core Council is the epicentre of student activities at ISBF! Not only does it organise the mega annual inter-college cultural festival – Xenia, but it also puts together the much-loved annual college trip and various other marquee events. As it includes among its ranks an elected member, the Core Council represents the students of ISBF and is responsible for their welfare. In fulfilling this responsibility, it acts as a bridge between the management and the student body, which is a lesson in sleight-of-hand diplomacy as well as policy making and implementation.

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Date Event Name
13th Oct Dandiya Night 2021
16 Aug Independence Day
19 Sep College Trip to Mashobra
1 Oct iTreat – Food Festival


Dandiya Night (13 Oct 2021)

Independence Day (15 Aug 2019)

College Trip to Mashobra (19 Sep 2019)

iTreat – Food Festival (1 Oct 2019)


Student Council (2016)

Biryani Day (2016)

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