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Campus Life

The Rest Is Noise (TRIN)

The beats of the tabla, the strumming guitar and soulful vocals are the things this society cares most about—the rest is mostly noise to them! The society is a great place for instrumentalists, vocalists or people who are great at carrying a tune. The society looks for talented and passionate students to join it. Auditions are held for both vocalists and instrumentalists, and new members are expected to be committed to the art and willing to practise till they hit the perfect pitch. TRIN also hosts the inter-college event MUSES at Xenia, featuring an Indian solo competition, Western solo competition and a Battle of the Bands. The event draws huge participation from colleges across Delhi.

Intra‐college Events: Music Triathlon, Good Singer vs. Bad Singer

Inter-college events: MUSES at Xenia

TRIN in Action