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Programme Overview


About ISBF

ISBF's School of Professional Studies is the leading provider of professional education in the financial services industry. ISBF has been authorised by the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) India to deliver the Certified Financial PlanningCM Education program. The School of Professional Studies is the home of the CFPCM program.

Course material, including well designed workbooks containing extensive examples, have been designed by a team of experts to provide guidance to students set on expanding their careers in the financial arena. Regular revisions are carried out so that the study materials remain relevant. In particular, new questions are added to the workbooks at set intervals.

In addition to classroom lectures provided at a time suitable for working professionals, our team of qualified staff is available to provide email support within set response times. For those who are unable to participate in our classroom program, we also provide the option of Distance Learning.

The institute encourages student participation in special internal seminars organized by it. It also encourages students in the development of appropriate material by inviting them to submit articles for publication on its website

About CFPCM Certification

CFPCM certification is designed for professionals working in the Financial Planning sector. A Financial Planner or Personal Financial Planner is a practicing professional who helps people deal with various personal financial issues through proper planning, which includes, but is not limited to, areas such as cash flow management, retirement planning, investment planning, risk analysis and insurance.

CFPCM certification enables one to provide professional services related to financial planning; it corresponds to a global professional license related to personal integrated financial planning. A person residing in India regardless of his/her race, nationality, gender, religion, age, or health condition, and of whom FPSB India approves as having satisfied the international standards of CFPCM certification requisites, such as completion of educational requirements, passing of certification exams, and taking of an ethical oath designed by FPSB India, can obtain a CFPCM certification

Benefits Of CFPCM

  • Enhanced career and employment opportunities with Financial Services companies. Your Services are sought by banks, distribution houses, AMC, insurance Companies, equity broking and Financial Planning firms.
  • Personal satisfaction of achieving the Financial Planning profession's highest standard and met the global benchmark.
  • Satisfied clients who appreciate the comprehensive approach to Financial Planning and extend long term relationship and referrals.
  • Your expertise and credibility as a qualified professional is instantly communicated.
  • More revenue streams by increasing your product and service offering to your clients.
  • Enhanced Social Status by joining the league of professionals.
  • Recognition in more than 23 countries across the world.
  • Your credentials demonstrate trust among the financial consumers.
  • You have met the global benchmark for competency, ethics & professional practice standards to provide comprehensive Financial Planning services.
  • You join the global league of the best Financial Planning professionals.


FPSB India is a non-profit organization with the objective of contributing to the development of the financial industry, as well as to the stability and improvement of people's lives, by cultivating integrated financial planning professionals in the area of individual finance. It is also a regular member of FPSB International, actively pursuing international exchanges and cooperation with FPSB International members operating in 23 countries worldwide for the operation of the CFPCM certification program and the development of individual financial planning services. FPSB Ltd.'s commitment to excellence is represented by the marks of professional distinction – CFPCM, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.

FPSB Limited, US enters into licensing and affiliation agreements with nonprofit organizations (or their equivalent) around the world that allow the organizations to establish and operate the CFPCM certification program in a country or region. FPSB Ltd. works in conjunction with its affiliates (FPSB India is one of its 23 Affiliates around the world) to develop and promote rigorous international competency, ethics and professional practice standards for CFPCM professionals in member countries/regions to ensure that consumers looking for qualified personal Financial Planners understand and value CFPCM certification.

FPSB Affiliates who meet and maintain FPSB's affiliation criteria high standards are authorized to administer the CFPCM certification program on behalf of FPSB in a country or region. FPSB India is one of the Affiliate of FPSB Limited. FPSB India is the principal licensing body that awards CFPCM Certification in India through an agreement with FPSB Limited. CFPCM Certification is the highest level of Certification worldwide in the field of Financial Planning with over 100000 CFPCM Certificants and widely respected by consumers, professionals & industry.

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Key Facts


  • CFPCM Certification Programme


  • Weekend Classes
  • Distance Learning


  • 5 - 6 months

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CFPCM certification is designed for professionals working in the Financial Planning sector. A Financial Planner or Personal Financial Planner is a practicing professional who helps people deal with various personal financial issues through proper planning, which includes, but is not limited to, areas such as cash flow management, retirement planning, investment planning, risk analysis and insurance.

The CFPCM mark is rated as the Gold Standard by the Wall Street Journal & Personal Financial Planning was voted as the number 1 profession by Job Almanac in America. It is a profession that is increasingly making its mark in India

Apart from the US, the CFPCM Certification programme is also recognised in other countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia & Singapore. What Learning Programmes Are Available From ISBF?

The School offers the student the option of preparing for the Exams through
Structured Weekend Class Room Lectures
Self-study, Distance Learning


This programme is eminently suitable for professionals who wish to continue their employment, as well as students who desire to obtain the CFPCM Certification while pursing their existing course of study. We provide


More than 100 hours of class room lectures are offered to all class registered students at our centrally located campus in Delhi. The lectures are scheduled over weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) to ensure that you do not suffer any disruption to your work or study schedule.

Programme Duration

The minimum time required to obtain the CFPCM Certification is about five months.


The programme is designed so that the student does not require additional coaching, but with support from the institute, feels confident enough to complete the course in a self study manner.

The advantages of the program are:

Study Plan

ISBF offers a comprehensive study plan consisting of

Study Material Our Text books contain practice questions and summaries, while our Work books contain exam type questions (in excess of 400 per Module) with worked answers to practice for the actual exam and improve your chances of success on the first attempt.

About FPSB India The Financial Planning Standards Board India is essentially a public private enterprise and a professional standards setting body which promotes high standards for Financial Planning professionals.

It is a Professional Membership & Certification organization and part of the leading Global Confederation established by prominent financial service corporations with an objective to professionalize the concept of Financial Planning in India. It is an affiliate of the Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB) based in Denver, USA.

Other affiliates are from countries such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland and United Kingdom