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Campus Life

Campus Life

Campus Life


Campus life at ISBF is a wonderful kaleidoscope of activities, both serious and fun, with a healthy mix of the co-curricular and extra-curricular. With a great bunch of bright minds from the best schools in India and abroad, having studied varied curriculums and with their own experiences to share, student life at ISBF promises to be an exciting rollercoaster ride. Gear up!

Students get to explore music, dance, debating, quizzing, dramatics, writing, social work, sports, Model United Nations (MUN), arts and more. You could find the next Adele or a Marquez in the making here. The opportunities are endless.

There are dedicated clubs and societies for each of these activities. All student clubs and societies organise a multitude of events throughout the year. Students also participate actively in events and inter-college competitions.

The student activities are coordinated by the Core Council, the apex student body which coordinates and organizes all events, festivals etc. in conjunction with each of the students’ societies/clubs.

The collective student energy reaches its crescendo during the Annual College Festival, Xenia, which explores new themes that reflect the current happenings across the globe. The Student societies/clubs which you can explore are:

Core Council

As the focal point of contact between the management and the larger student body, the Core Council performs a difficult balancing act with consummate ease. The Core Council organizes the Annual College Festival – Xenia and the annual college trip. It also regulates activities/events of all student societies and clubs.

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