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The BSc Business and Management Programme offered at ISBF under the academic direction from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) prepares you fittingly for the demanding and increasingly globalised world of business and management. LSE is known as a leading school in the world for social science studies with a multi-disciplinary perspective, and this programme makes the participants familiar with a wide range of subjects that look at business and management analytically and critically. The programme enables the students to explore, understand and appreciate the inter relationships between business and management issues from the perspective of a number of social science disciplines, including Economics, Sociology and Psychology.

What this means is that the courses offered through the programme address the problems and solutions of today's world of business and management holistically. So, you will no longer merely learn concepts in accounting, finance, marketing or human resource as discrete sets of knowledge; rather more importantly, you will learn to analyse their collective role in the success of business and management in a competitive market scenario. You will thus acquire the ability to think independently about business and management decisions and gain a degree which will be valued by employers looking for people who can demonstrate logical and quantitative reasoning. Importantly, you will acquire the cultural sensitivity to learn from trans-national issues and experiences relevant to your local environment. Consequently, the degree will equip the participants with sufficient entrepreneurial and managerial skills needed for undertaking their own/family business either locally or globally, or work in a multinational corporation in India or abroad.

Degree Structure

This BA/BSc Business and Management course provides a well-rounded coverage of the knowledge and understanding of a range of issues in business, management and economics. Accordingly, students are exposed to a mix of quantitative and qualitative courses that equip you with the optimal combination of skills necessary for a successful career in business and management.

Courses offered in Year 1

  • Introduction to Economics  
  • Mathematics I 
  • Statistics I 
  • Contemporary Sociology in a Global Age 
  • Business and Management in a Global Context 

Courses offered in Year 2

  • Principles of Marketing 
  • Information Systems and Organisations 
  • Core Management  
  • Principles of Accounting 

Courses offered in Year 3

  • The law of Business Organisations  
  • Corporate Finance  
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Management Accounting 

Teaching Methodology

The faculty and students of ISBF interact with a spirit of inquiry and mutual learning. The principal modes of such interaction are lectures and tutorials, as well as other participative group exercises and seminars. Each student belongs to a lecture section and a tutorial group for every course pursued, and this applies across all degree programmes.

Lectures are conducted from the point of view of sharing knowledge about a topic / course with the students, as opposed to merely imparting it. They are best described as highly interactive and productive discussions on theoretical concepts and tools in a formal yet relaxed setting, with a firm emphasis on depth of understanding.

Tutorials are designed to develop the students' ability to apply the theoretical tools discussed in the lectures. Here, different formats are followed by different teachers – learning in some courses works most effectively via group work, in others via problem-solving in twos, and in yet others by watching the odd movie clip to drive home an business/management-related idea, et cetera.

Along with the traditional academic instruction in the classroom, we at ISBF also believe in the practice of independent study and actively inculcate the same in our students.

Postgraduate Study / Career Options

The BSc (BA) Business and Management programme at ISBF leaves open a very wide range of career options.

2nd Year Transfer to UK Universities
A 2nd year transfer to continue the degree programme at prestigious universities in the UK is a coveted goal several first years aspire and work towards every year. Over the years, several such transfer offers have been made by leading UK undergraduate universities. Some of these have been taken up, and these students are now successfully pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies in the UK. Others have chosen to stay back at ISBF with the aim of applying to these institutions and others for a postgraduate degree.

Postgraduate degree programmes / MBA/ Academia
A first-class degree in Business and Management is the natural and ideal base for launching yourself into the most rigorous of Masters programmes in areas involving business and management studies including Banking & Finance, Business Analysis, Business Law, Human Resource Management, Public Relations, Investment Management, Management Consultancy, Business Journalism, Accountancy, both within India and abroad.

And if you choose to pursue a career as an academician thereafter, the theoretically and analytically rigorous nature of the LSE curriculum will stand you in excellent stead. Research in Business and management studies, therefore, is a popular and viable option for you.

Moreover, the quantitative ability, intellectual curiosity and communication and decision-making skills you will develop while studying the Business and Management programme give you an edge for business-school admissions. This is because these are some of the key skills sought out during MBA programme admission tests and interviews, a fact borne out by admissions data from such schools across the world.

Corporate / Entrepreneurial Avenues
This BA in Business and Management degree helps you in not only acquiring a broad range of relevant knowledge and skills, but also in developing the vision, innovation and dynamism required in the contemporary business world.These will enable you to successfully pursue a career in the corporate or public sectors, as well as in setting up and operating your own venture. In the private / corporate sector, the quantitative, communication and decision-making skills you will garner will also place you distinctively in the eyes of employers across a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to investment banking, general management, accountancy, management consulting, marketing, and business/ management research.

A thorough knowledge of business and management techniques will also enhance your employability for non-governmental organisations, social enterprises and small-to-medium organisations doing innovative and highly constructive developmental work.

Family businesses are typically founded on and run on traditional bases, which, as we are well aware, are fast becoming outdated. The entrepreneurial and managerial skills you will acquire throughout the BA in Business and Management Programme will enable you to understand and implement the nuances of the modern organisational framework in either a family business run on traditional lines or a venture that you, as an entrepreneur, wish to start-up. The distinct competencies that will be gained will hold you in good stead in an increasingly competitive market scenario.

Also, with Individual Career Counselling, CV markings and Employability skill sessions conducted at ISBF, students are well-equipped to make a confident entry into the corporate world.

Entry Requirements

CBSE , ISC, State Board- Applicants must have passed the Class XII examination with an aggregate of at least 70% marks. Final admission is based on the cumulative assessment of the Class XII results, ISBF Entrance Exams and Personal Interview, after which admission to the University of London, London School of Economics undergraduate programmes will be decided.

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) A level & International Baccalaureate (IB)- Applicants are accepted on the basis of their Predicted grades. Final admission is done on the basis of final grades obtained.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate ability in Mathematics (equivalent to Grade 10).

While it is beneficial for students to have done Commerce in XII, it is NOT an entry requirement, and no existing knowledge of Commerce and/or Management is assumed by the teachers at the outset of the degree programme. As a matter of fact, past experience suggests that students without a Commerce background have managed to quickly neutralise any head-start that students with a previous Commerce background may have had to begin with, and have in fact performed disproportionately better thereafter.

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